'17-'18 Basketball Wins Over/Under: 15.5

To simply things for some of you Niner fans, are we more likely to be 15-13 or 16-12?

I’m going with the under. At this point 14 wins/.500 is an improvement albeit not much. If Price doesn’t deliver on at least the over… >:(

I went over. If you can’t be inexplicably optimistic at this point in the year what else have you got?

Sound logic?

16-19 wins

I’m going over. If the new big guys we have are decent, I think we could hit 20 wins.

If I were putting money down, I’d agree with JaM, 16-19 wins.

I went over too - but a lot of unknown here. Who knows, but bottom of league should give plenty of wins.

Some of you are saying we have 19-9 and 20-8 potential? Wow. That would be an incredible y o y leap. 13 wins last year. Basketball can have that big of a jump, we’ll see. Hope we don’t waste Jon Davis.

Over. 4 against the Florida school plus the other CUSA scrubs, a couple of scrubs on the regular schedule = several free wins.

Only sure losses I see on the schedule or ok st. Wake and Davidson.

I think we can compete with everyone in the conference and I’ve not thought that before.

Over says Over.

Over… with room to spare

Over. Cautiously optimistic. Anything other than breaking .500 is abject failure. Here’s to hoping for 19-20.

Over. I want to believe Price can get it done. Don’t expect NIT, but would be pleased with that

Over & Judy gives Price an extension on her way out the door.

Price wasn’t a kitchen floor resume selection by Judy.

Price wasn’t a kitchen floor resume selection by Judy.[/quote]

No, he was not, but she will sure as shit try to take credit if/when things work out; just like she took credit for spending 20 years fighting for football.

I’m surprised she has not tried to take credit for the hiring of Bill Foster and Lee Rose, even though she was not even here yet.

[quote=“s9er, post:10, topic:31120”]Over… with room to spare[/quote]Agreed. If our bigs play average, we’ll push the top of CUSA.

Well over !
It’s gonna take a few games for everyone to get used to each other and mesh, but by conference play
I expect alot of excitement !

-We have JD !
-Ajukwa and Nagee will have experience and be more comfortable.
-We have paint presence that we haven’t had in some time and plenty of fouls to give.
-A shooter on Murphy and all round threats in AW, Vasic and Supica.
-And enough guards to spell Davis so he’s not playing 36 minutes a game.

If the coaching steps up…look out ! (Can’t imagine what next years squad will be!)

I think we will still see Davis on the court 36 minutes a game. Hes too good to have on the bench for long.

Davis is going to play as much as his health allows.

Were going undefeated. Lookout Indiana.