2012 POY Foster Region: Pork Chop vs Ninercentral

Pork Chop vs Ninercentral

Pork Chop is one of the all time NN greats. But now he has a fancy job and a fiance and he thinks he’s too good for NNN! >:(

Ok he’s my MF’in boy, I voted for him. Us Eastern NC Niners stick together. We have to in this endless sea of toothless Tar Hole fans.

Vote for me!

Ninercentral wins and is in

Thank you for the vote of confidence, Master Olson. I guarantee you my job is the least fancy of all Niners on this once-great board. Although I am no longer posting with the abandon I did in '05, I still bleed green and gold.

Ninercentral deserves this victory, and may this member of the Nation crush all future opponents as if they were Davidson playing within the city limits of Charlotte.

Also, I encourage all of you to join me on the CU Buffalo bandwagon. If you are unwilling to go nuts over some team two time zones away this March, I entreat you to join me in an lifelong epic hatred of all things ACC.

Peace be with all of you.

Yours in Cone,
Michael “Pork Chop” Dickson