2012 Signing Day

[font=times new roman]This is what happens when you are on a boring conference call:

The RB from GA took the cake for creative announcements by pulling out a Bull Dog Puppy to announce his commitment to Georgia

Next year I want to see the following:

· Charlotte 49er Commit: Pulls out a pick Axe and buries it in a picture of Dick Spangler

Others include:

[ul][li][font=times new roman]Notre Dame Commit: Have some drunk Irish Guy from Boston name Sully walk in from a side door and beat the snot out of a random guy for looking at him funny.[/font][/li]
[li][font=times new roman]Florida State Commit: Pull a spear out, light it and throw it into the crowd.[/font][/li]
[li][font=times new roman]Southern Cal Commit: Stand up, pull a Trojan rubber out, put it on and bend over a cheerleader.[/font][/li]
[li][font=times new roman]North Carolina Commit: Put on a goat horns and perform fela tio on his coach. [/font][/li]
[li][font=times new roman]Texas/Florida/LSU/Alabama/Cal Commit: Have a full size Long Horn/Gator/Tiger/Elephant/Bear released into the auditorium, trampling and eating everything.[/font][/li]
[li][font=times new roman]Auburn Commit: Sign the LOI, Wire Transfer Forms, Bank agreements in the law offices of a booster’s attorney. [/font][/li]
[li][font=times new roman]Duke Commit: Does a recruit actually sign an LOI is no one witnesses it? [/font][/li]
[li][font=times new roman]App State Commit: Grabs a family member and makes sweet love wit 'em[/font][/li][/ul]
[font=times new roman]Any others?[/font]

South Carolina Commit: Whips out his…

Virginia Tech Commit: Does the hokie pokie

Marshal Commit: Epic battle scene from Lord of the Rings

Wichita State Commit: Well this one is pretty obvious

Stanford Commit: Gets wood

Syracuse Commit: Who likes Orange Soda? I do I do I dooowhooo…

Tennessee Commit: Doesn’t show up, he’s at the old folks home

Oregon Commit: Puts on a hat. Yup, Just did it…

Boise State Commit: Craps on the BCS dude

Ohio State Commit: Craps on the Boise State Commit

Harvard Commit: Pulls out his fathers checkbook


Dangit, this just burned up like 15 minutes of time… back to work…

Texas recruit has his press conference at the local Longhorn Steak House

Hawaii recruit lets a group of flamboyant yet militant gay men announce his decision

While debating between Cornell and Campbell, local recruit lights up a Camel Turkish Gold instead of a Marlboro Red

Michigan recruit dresses up like his favorite Xmen and impales a reporter with his claw

Navy: Rubs one out… Seaman … Get it!.. Followed 30 seconds later by the Naval Academy rescinding his offer.

ECU: Put on a Pirate Costume and strike the Captain Morgan pose


West Virginia Commit: Recruit has mouthpiece with one tooth and smiles in front of the camera, everyone will know

I thought this was what a Chapel Hill recruit would do.

clt says a chapel hill recruit would kiss a copy of the observer, then ask a tutor for help to pass high school art 2.