2015 Light Rail Crawl - 06/13

No details yet, but mark the date down for the 5th Annual Light Rail Crawl! Will most likely be starting a few hours later than we have been.

“Light Rail Crawl 5” schedule

3 pm – Meet at McKoy’s for drinks/late lunch

4:25 pm – Catch the light rail from Woodlawn to East/West Blvd

4:31 – 5:55 pm – Tyber Creek and Big Ben

5:56 pm - Catch the light rail from East/West Blvd to Bland

5:58 – 7:37 pm – Gin Mill, Tavern on the Tracks, etc…

7:38 pm - Catch the light rail from Bland to Stonewall

7:42 pm – Belfast Mill, Courtyard Hooligans, Valhalla, French Quarter (Latta Arcade)

You’re on your own after Latta Arcade! :wink:

Outbound Light Rail Schedule (last train)

7th Street Station – 1:30 am
CTC/Arena Station – 1:32 am
3rd Street Station – 1:33 am
Stonewall Station – 1:35 am

And that date is…

And that date is…[/quote]

I was trying to build anticipation or I just forgot to include it with the title 6/13/15

Updated with details

#rip dixies

You joining? Or another wedding?

Bought concert tickets for gf back in January, so my commitment to the bar crawl is compromised.

Well definitely meet you at a stop beforehand, gotta keep my participation in these things at 100%.

This is going down tomorrow. Come join us for a stop - or 5.