2016 PG?

I think last night was a good example of what happens when you don’t really have a PG. Henry was on the bench for most of the game. He had 5 assists in 14 minutes. The rest of the team combined for 3 or 4.

We just got a commitment from Pistokache, but he seems to be more of a combo guard. I hope we’re targeting more PGs because if we’re not, we could seriously struggle next year. Could turn out much like 2005-2006 where we had some senior talent inside (although Withers>>>>>>>>>>Clayton/Thorne), a talented wing (Dorn/Alexander), a great SG (Leemire/not sure we have anyone to compare to Leemire, but Braxton could be if he plays with consistency), and some good role players beyond that.

We had nobody to get them the ball though and we underachieved with that squad big time. Next year could be the same, but worse.

Hell, I’d kill a drifter for 2008-9 DiJuan Harris… Don’t ask me what I’d do for a Sean Colson

NN, you mean 2015? 2016 is 2 classes away.

Take Cpip.

clt says drifter is a great word.

Henry wasn’t much of a point guard when he showed up either. Someone could learn the roll, but that is always a learning curve.