2017 shaping up to potentially great year for music

Just a partial list of albums expected this year:

Ryan Adams
Arcade Fire
At The Drive In
Dirty Projectors
Fleet Foxes
Grizzly Bear
Jesus & Mary Chain
LCD Soundsystem
The National
Nine Inch Nails
Real Estate
The Shins
Sky Ferreira
Bruce Springsteen
St Vincent
Ty Segall
Vampire Weekend
War on Drugs
Wolfe Parade
The XX

That’s just a staggering list of currently great bands. Did these bands start hanging out together so much that their cycles synced? I almost think its too much all at once. Anyway, I cannot remember a recent year so loaded with heavy hitters releasing new material.

Yea 2017 should make up for what was imo a pretty underwhelming 2016.

The AtDI record has me maybe the most excited. Relationship of Command still gets played at least once or twice a month in my house.

Arcade Fire has me the most nervous. I pretty soundly hated Reflektor

Ty Segall is the most prolific guy in rock not named Jack White and he’s super consistent so anything by him is great. Vampire Weekend should be interesting as well as Jesus and Mary Chain.

A few others not mentioned that im looking forward too…

Portgual the Man - even though i hate the single theyve released.

Zack De La Rocha solo thing- long rumored for almost decades now. His guest work on Run the Jewels stuff is so great though.

Arctic Monkeys- possibly a late 2017 release

My Morning Jacket

You mentioned Spoon- im rarely disappointed

The more chaotic the times the better the music. President Chaos should help put out some great material.

clt is ready for more Taylor swift.

That’s why the music from the 2nd half of the 60s and first half of the 70s was so good.