2018-19 C-USA Basketball Predictions, Scores, and Rankings



Early quarterfinal scores from the Star:

#1 ODU 57
#8 LA Tech 56

#5 UAB 85
#4 UTSA 76


And the later quarterfinal scores:

#2 WKU 71
#10 North Texas 57

#3 Southern Miss 82
#6 Marshall 73

With the latter, there will be a new champion this season.


Glad all the higher seeds won.


I haven’t paid much attention to the tourney, but why are the 2 Men’s semifinal games being played in the middle of the day on Friday, and the 2 Women’s games getting the prime time slots tonight? #ThanksJudy


Games are being played then because those are the time slots CBS Sports Network provided. Mountain West has the night slots on CBSSN.

Plus there are some other conferences playing tonight too - AAC, ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, etc.


5 beat the 4


ODU barely pulls out the win over UAB.


Yep. Two days in a row Monarchs have pulled it out after trailing late.


Caught that later.


Tim Floyd coached the Bulls after Jordan retired in '98 and then the Hornets (now Pelicans) in New Orleans after they fired Paul Silas. He coached Southern Cal for a time and was let go there.

He keeps moving van companies in business.

I have a faint recollection he had a good record with some college team.

He had decent records at Idaho, New Orleans, Iowa State, and UTEP. He was let go early in the '17-'18 season. I misunderstood the headline in the previous post to imply he was let go recently. It means his last recruits to UTEP have left/graduated.

They need to revert to Texas Western. They climbed to the mountain top with that name.


And today’s results:

#1 ODU 61
#5 UAB 59

#2 WKU 70
#3 Southern Miss 59

Tomorrow’s winner goes to the Big Dance; loser to the NIT. Game time 8:30PM on CBS Sports Network.


My bet is going with WKU. ODU has been struggling and I think it will take a toll on them mentally.


Could certainly have used her in the conference tournament. On a hopeful note, only one other senior will be lost for next season.

Also, held opponent to one total field goal in the two 4th quarters of the tournament.


How hard is it to do a 14 team conference tournament? Damn. Inviting 12 and not 2 others is freaking rude.


Not hard at all. Opening round with #11 vs #14 and #12 vs #13. Former winner faces #5 and latter winner vs #6 in next round. That’s how the A-10 does it.


Can’t find the space for 3 side by side courts and can’t afford the extra curtain.


That Frisco setup is so GD Mickey mouse it makes me vomit. We have to get the hell out of this joke of a conference. Upgrade our facilities and put a winning product on the floor / field, and cross our fingers that things fall our way in 2023.



Final from Frisco:

#1 ODU 62
#2 WKU 56

Monarchs (26-8) to the NCAA tournament; Toppers (20-14) to the NIT.