2018 Charlotte 49ers Football roster changes

Enjoy. There is a lot of change at the QB spot.


Thanks for the work on this, lots of good info here. That is a lot of turnover at QB but having 3-4 is what we should be doing. Hopefully this means Shirreffs, Reynolds, and Pope’s play and potential made itself known.

I am concerned about the departure of Zach Duncan, sacks were at a premium last year and hate to lose any production there.

Maybe these two were gone during spring practice, but I noticed the two freshmen LB Sutton and Francois were missing.

Appreciate all you do to keep us informed.

Even though we’ve moving to 4-3, I’m surprised to see so many transitions on the DL. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Hate to see John Hardy is gone. Thought he was going to see a ton of PT.

Sutton is on my list. Francois was not, he wasn’t on thereover the Summer bit had told me he’d be here. Perhaps it is grades and he has to work his way back.

Wow…a lot of would be players no longer on the roster. Was really looking forward to seeing Sutton play. KTown kid was a do-it-all athlete for the Wonders…kinda figured he’d find a spot here and do well.


clt says Moss Saccomanno is an all time name guy

Rolling Stone disagrees.

Y’all are changing to a 4-3 ths year? What did you run last year? Are there partcular personnel changes that hint the 4-3 will be successful?

Thanks for the insight. I’m looking forward to seeing our game in CLT.

DT is one of the best deepest positions on our team. I’m sure that’s a big reason for the change, DEs will be a bit more of a question (although the staff has been high on them in the spring).

Thanks. App runs a 3-4 that has done pretty well the past few years. Our DC moved to DC at Georgia Tech in the spring. New DC is sticking with the 3-4. The toughest part will be getting everything right after graduating some of our best defensive players from last season’s squad.

Back on the team?

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If he is, roster hasn’t been updated to reflect it. 2nd Spring Semester grades were due on Aug 13th.

Not really a “change”, but didn’t see anywhere else to put this but here. http://www.gastongazette.com/sports/20181007/bj-turner-may-be-from-greensboro-but-hes-brought-gastonia-to-charlotte-49ers

Greensboro Page has a great football tradition. Their record this season is around .500, but they forfeited some non-conference games due to using ineligible players. They are 0-0 in conference and only play 4 conference games. The next 4 games will determine if they make the playoffs and what their seeding will be.

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