2018 Football Recruiting Thread

Thought I’d start this thread as offers are already flying out of Charlotte for the 2018 recruiting class.

Can the title of this thread be updated to 2018 football or basketball recruiting?


As of now that I can see on 247, Charlotte has no commits for 2018, but here are a few kids they’ve offered so far:
Riley Smith, QB, Bartram Trail HS, Jacksonville FL. 3 star on 247
Marcus Caldwell, RB, West Forsyth HS, Clemmons, NC 3 star on 247
DeMarkes Stradford, RB, Charlotte Latin School, Charlotte, NC No star on 247(saw him last year, liked him)
Dennis Smith, WR, Gaffney HS, Gaffney, SC 3 star on 247
Demarcus Gregory, WR, Byrnes HS, Duncan, SC 3 star on 247
Zach Sheffer, TE, Nease HS, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 3 star on 247
More on the list, but here is a disturbing note. They have offered two, count em TWO kids in the entire city of Charlotte according to 247, Stradford from Charlotte Latin and Hartman who was the QB at Davidson Day but I believe is following his coach to a private school in SC. *beats proverbial dead horse about not caring about establishing relationships or even trying for some Charlotte area recruits until it’s too late.

This whole message board is essentially different threads repeating the same 4-5 arguments

More crying about not enough local recruits…new day, same shit.

We’ve had several kids in from Vance and Jay M. Robinson to visit recently.

***I don’t know every kid who visits, so I can’t say what all other schools have kids coming by.

[quote=“moss2k, post:7, topic:30832”]We’ve had several kids in from Vance and Jay M. Robinson to visit recently.

***I don’t know every kid who visits, so I can’t say what all other schools have kids coming by.[/quote]
JMR has been on an upswing lately, not sure what they have in terms of recruits. I can find out though, same with Vance.
I know Catholic had 3 players visit during the season, no clue if any went to the junior day or have visited since.

clt says we need more play makers, not players.

Lots of recruits at Day 1 of Spring Ball
They did offer an OL from Ravenscroft it looks like Calvin Atkeson
Jeremiah Gray from Charlotte Christian was there as well, coached against him last year kid can play
Myles Berry from Dudley was also there, certainly a player we’d want. Good kid too
Nigel Fitzgerald who is a stud from Dudley was also offered by Charlotte as well

Watched a sample of each of those kids’ HUDL highlights. Like what I saw. Good size, big motors on the big guys. The staff seems to be doing a good job identifying talent.

New coaches give me hope, especially Henry. Thought his hire was very smart.
I coached against the two Dudley kids, man they can play. I’d love to get both of them here. Gray is very good too. No clue on the Ravenscroft kid, but looks like he’s got some good offers

Niners land 2018 OL: https://agent49.net/josh-headlee-commits-charlotte/

Q&A with Charlotte target Elijah Trent (WR): https://agent49.net/qa-elijah-trent/

Q&A with Justice Galloway-Velazquez (QB): https://agent49.net/qa-justice-galloway-velazquez/

Q&A with Jonnie Pitman, 2018 DB - https://agent49.net/qa-jonnie-pitman/

Q&A with Charlotte commit Dalton Widner (Center): https://agent49.net/qa-charlotte-commit-dalton-widner/

Q&A with OL target Reggie Sutton: https://agent49.net/qa-reggie-sutton/

Good stuff Agent 49!

Just saw a Gaston Gazette FB post about North Gaston HS football and the pic showed some big player in a NINER shirt. Anyone know who he is and if he’s a recruit?