2018 Summer Movies


Almost let this one sneak up on me! With what will likely be the top movie of 2018 coming out Friday let’s get this going! I am going to add to this a NWA rating of Rose - Not going to see it, 1 DuBois Martini - Meh and 1 Hill - Gotta see it


Already out

Ready Player - Spielberg Picture. Now this has been out a few weeks and I have not see it, but I do want to catch this before it departs theaters. A great story with call back to everything from Back to the Future to Iron Giant. :mountain_snow:

A Quiet Place - A movie from Jim from The Office. All reports are this movie is awesome. Probably can’t squeeze this one into a theater show, but very interested in seeing this. Jim not only starred but also directed and his real life wife Emily Blunt also stars.:cocktail:

Chappaquiddick - A movie about how Ted Kennedy got away with killing a woman. The cast includes Clancy Brown, Ed Helms, Bruce Dern, Jim Gaffigan, Andria Blackman, Olivia Thirlby, and Taylor Nichols. :cocktail:

Rampage - The Rock, Do I need to say more? Probably not that great but Rock movies are almost always fun. :cocktail:

Super Troopers - A follow up to the cult classic. I am really high on this sequel! :herb:

April 27

Avengers Infinity War - A decade worth of MCU movies culminating in one of the biggest cinematic events in movie history. Has already set presale ticket records. Civil War set records, then Black Panther set records then IW sold more presale tickets than any movie in history including the previous 7 marvel movies including BO and CW … combined. Suffice it to say this will most likely be the biggest movie of 2018 and has a shot at the record for largest domestic and international box office. :mountain_snow::mountain_snow::mountain_snow::mountain_snow::mountain_snow:

May 4 - Original IW Date, wisely most studios avoided competing on this date so releases are shallow.
Overboard - Remake of the 80s comedy starring Goldie Hawn, new one starring Anna Farris:wilted_flower:

Bad Samaritan - Action/Horror flick starring my favorite Dr Who and Killgrave David Tennat. This is an indie psychological thriller about some young thieves that get caught up in a kidnapping.:cocktail:

May 11 - Other studios still scared of IW
Life of the Party - Melissa McCarthy vehicle, I don’t like her so I don’t have anything else to say. :wilted_flower:

May 18
DP2 - Thats Deadpool 2 for you perverts. Ryan Reynolds is back as the wise cracking marvel hero. Remains to be seen if this can hold a candle to the first one. Josh Brolin joins the cast as Cable. This movie had a change in directors after Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller couldn’t see eye to eye on sequel. Reynolds of course won. New director is former stuntman David Leitch, which might make you say uh oh, but he did Atomic Blonde, which kicked ass.:mountain_snow:

May 25
Solo - The Star Wars folks finally get a summer movie for the first time since Revenge of the Sith! Following the early adventures of our favorite scoundrel and smuggler, we get to see how Han Solo was born. A lot of nerves here from the SW community as Last Jedi failed to capture many hearts and following on the heels of the well received but also challenged production of Rogue One. Directors and writers (the Lord brothers of Lego Movie fame) were fired after the majority of principle photography was in the can. Early cuts were supposedly so bad Disney and LucasFilm knew they had to change, brought in Ron Howard to clean up the mess. Who knows how this goes. :mountain_snow:

Up Next: June



June 1
Action Point - Johnny Knoxville and Jackass crew movie about an amusement park. This has a screenplay and everything. Still probably not good. :wilted_flower:

June 8
Oceans 8 - I absolutely detest this trend in Hollywood. Hey let’s take a movie that had men in it, do the exact same thing but swap the gender roles. Screw that garbage. :wilted_flower:

June 15
Incredibles 2 - This will likely win the weekend as the long awaited followup to Pixar’s super-powered family. Directed by the original Brad Bird and bringing back all of our voice talent. :mountain_snow:

Superfly - A remake of the 1972 classic blaxploitation film about a cocaine dealer who wants to score one more big deal and then retire.:cocktail:

Tag - A fun movie about a game of tag that last years between friends. High probability that it won’t be good, but kind of fits the bill for the surprise comedy hit of a summer.:cocktail:

June 22
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - A movie about big lizards that run around and cause more trouble as the island apparently starts to go volcanic. Movie #5 in the Jurassic series and will see the return of Dr Ian Malcom played by the ever cool Jeff Goldblum. Just remember life finds a way.:mountain_snow:

June 29
The Hustle - Remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which is a classic. Anne Hathaway stars. I have no feeling towards this film other than it is going to be very difficult to top the original. :cocktail:

Sicario: Day of the Soldado - Sequel to Sicario starring Benecio Del Toro, thriller set on Mexican and US border about the drugs wars.:cocktail:

Up Next July



July 4
The First Purge - Ever wonder how we got to a place where all crime was legal for 12 hours? This movie will explain it. While easy to toss these purge movies out as garbage, the series is seen as a mirror being held up to society. :cocktail:

July 6
Ant-Man and the Wasp - First Marvel movie after IW, but reportedly will take place before IW in the MCU timeline. Evangeline Lilly gets to put on a suit and do some of her own cool shit! The first Ant-Man was a really fun film.:mountain_snow:

July 13
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation - My kids LOVED the first 2. I don’t consider the Incredibles a kids movie, so this is the first real kids movie I feel like is a must see. This one focuses on a monster cruise ship.:mountain_snow:

Skyscaper - Another Rock film! All about a fire breaking out in a big tower in China. Tower was probably built out of stuff you can get at Harbor Freight - which means this shit is coming down. :cocktail:

July 20
The Equalizer 2 - I did not see the first one, but heard it was good. I absolutely loved the 80s tv show this is based on. Might need to go watch the first one. Starring Denzel Washington :cocktail:

Mama Mia: Here We Go Again - Ummmm yeah no, just no :wilted_flower:

July 27
Mission Impossible: Fallout - Hard to believe Tom Cruise has been pushing this franchise since 1996! Tom gets the crew back together. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go see this movie. :mountain_snow:

Next up: August


clt applauds your effort. Any thoughts on Zoolander 3 happening?



August 3
Christopher Robin - Yeah a Winnie the Pooh movie. I guess the kids will like this one. Tiger is cool though, heard he likes to bounce.:cocktail:

The Spy Who Dumped Me - Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon, classic take on the James Bond movie :wilted_flower:

August 10
The Meg - Giant shark movie starring Jason Statham - I have no idea why but I really want to see this. Also can we PLEASE get crank 3!!!:mountain_snow:

August 17
Got nothing - looks like a terrible weekend:wilted_flower::wilted_flower::wilted_flower::wilted_flower::wilted_flower:

August 24
Replicas - Sci Fi return for Keanu Reeves as he plays a mad scientist who tries to bring his family back after they die in a car accident.:cocktail:

Slenderman - Yeah a movie about the urban legend… whatever.:wilted_flower:

August 31

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I have read the first two books in The Meg series. This should make Jaws look like Finding Dory.


September 14
The Predator - Shane Black takes a stab at fixing this franchise

October 5
Venom - Sony hasn’t totally given up on their characters
October 12
Goosebumps: Horrorland - Throwback to when you were younger?
October 19
Halloween - Danny McBride brings Michael back and the movie ignores virtually every sequal and brings back Jamie Lee Curtis
Mowgli - Junglebook sequel or something

November 9
The Girl in the Spiders Web - New Lisbeth, new story, new director
The Grinch - Did you hate Jim Carey in the Grinch like I did? Feel like you childhood Christmas show was destroyed? Let’s see if computer animated is any better!
November 16
Fantastic Beasts - Sequel to the other one… Harry Potter stuff and something
November 21
Creed II - Rocky sequel sequel
Wreck it Ralph - Love the first one. Can’t wait

December 14
Mortal Engines - Cities on wheels
December 21
Alita Battle Angel - Based on a great anime
Aquaman - Another bomb from DC? Martha!
Bumble Bee - Word is Transformer universe is about to be reboted, might be last in this line
December 25
Mary Poppins Returns - I’d let Emily Blunt give me a spoonful of sugar.


Skyscraper sounds like a Towering Inferno remake. Guess they already did Poseiden.

Not many indie flicks on your list. Gotta think there are some solid dramas coming out.


Yeah I don’t follow the indie releases much these days. Not enough time to track those. There isn’t much from the drama side these days from major studios, but the summer isn’t really geared towards dramas from the big players. There aren’t many comedies either, which surprised me.

If I rank my top 5
Infinity War - what marvel is doing and has done is mind blowing from a business side
Ant Man and the Wasp
Incredibles 2
The Meg

In the fall - Alita, Venom, Halloween, Mortal Engines and Wreck it Ralph 2 all are high priority


The first Equalizer was straight up bad ass. I am looking forward to the second one.


Word is only one post credit scene in IW. Early reviews are stellar.


The Venom trailer is out. Looks better than I was expecting.


I don’t take these movies at all seriously. They’re pure popcorn shlock… Immediately forgettable. That said, the fanvoys are gushing over this one.