2019-20 Women's Basketball

We started the year 10-2, and have gone 1-4 in our last five games. Anyone follow our team enough to know what has happened here? I thought this was going to be the year we finally got to the NCAAs, but that is not going to happen now.

clt asks if karen is on the hot seat?

She’ll just say something about false narratives and spin her conference record with some quote about servant leadership.

Getting to the NCAA tournament is just as real a possibility now as it was when we were 10-2. Just like men’s basketball, CUSA is a one bid league with rare exceptions. From what I know, Rice has a chance for an at large but will likely win the automatic bid. They went 17-0 in CUSA last year and were seeded somewhere between 12 and14.
Don’t recall their exact seed.
I believe our current coach has not won over 1 tournament game a year in her tenure here and 2-3 games total.

Women were picked 6th in the preseason poll and are currently 7th in the standings. First place pick Rice is living up to that selection and 7-0 in league play.

And these are the C-USA teams in the RPI top 100:

31 WKU
37 ODU
59 Middle Tennessee
99 Rice

clt, you got me to thinking about Karen Aston and how she’s doing at Texas. Since arriving in Austin in 2012 following a single season at UNT after leaving Charlotte in 2011, the Longhorn WBB program is doing quite well. Her record there is 177-78 with six NCAA tournament appearances that include three Sweet 16s and one Elite 8.

Aston’s best coaching year might have been that single season at North Texas. Went from five wins the season before to 15 that year with basically the same players.

firing cara is not a priority. we have more important ways to spend our money right now.


These are not mutually exclusive. Hill expects winners across the department. Her time is likely running out.

I agree. I meant more that I doubt he fires her before her contract is up.

clt is hearing lutz as wbb coach rumors

Yes, Hill does expect winners, which is something he learned at Florida. Otherwise, current Clemson coach Amanda Butler would probably still be in Gainesville. When you get fired by your alma mater on your birthday, shows it’s all business!

37 total turnovers. painful.

Florida Gators women’s basketball has two common opponents with us this season. They lost to Wake Forest and we beat Wake. They defeated Davidson at home by less than we beat them at Davidson. I think Butler stayed there for 10 years and they have done not much since they fired her. Somehow I think women’s basketball is far down the list of what they care about in Gainesville.
I’ll concede that they do like firing folks.

True that WBB at UF probably not high on the list of the average Gator fan, but it was the first personnel move by AD Scott Striklin.

And FWIW, her successor has yet to equal even her worst season there. So far her 190 wins, 8 winning seasons out of 10, and 8 postseason trips - 4 NCAAs and 4 WNITs - don’t look so bad in hindsight.