2019-2020 Basketball Over/Under - 11.5 Wins

Regular Season Wins - Over/Under - 11.5 Wins

These over/under polls normally get some good conversation heading into the season. It’s been a little quiet on the basketball front.

  • 0-11 Wins
  • 12+ Wins

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Because if the weak schedule, I think we will be .500 or within a game or two in either direction.

If we go under 11.5 i will be one pissed off dude


I’m expecting 15 wins. I’m sure we will get off to a rough start due to how new most of the roster is, but once they gel, this should be a decent team. Depth, talent, and size are much improved over last year. Combine that with the weak schedule and we had better reach the over.

Just for some history FYI, Last time we won more than 14 games was the 2013-2014 season with Coach Major. Ended regular season 16-13 and the season 17-14 (rpi 151, sos 153, #8 CUSA)

That’s inexcusable.

I’m going with the under until they prove different.

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I’m expecting between 12 & 15.

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Maybe it’s just the way our football team looked today, but I just have no optimism left in me. I will be shocked if we outperform expectations from unbiased analysts, prognosticators, and talking heads. We, as die hard fans, clearly have no business predicting anything.

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22 wins

It’s been a long time since this program has had a surprising season in a good way. I think we’ll probably be under, but I hope I’m wrong. The schedule / conference should be bad enough that the Niners can pull off a good season if things finally break our way. At least we should have a full bench this time around and some talented young players coming in (at least they sound talented). But it will likely take some time for them to get used to college-level ball, so that’s another reason I’m keeping expectations low.

At some point should our SOS try to improve? I’d rather lose to good opponents than bad opponents. For all those that say we should win in this bad CUSA, Charlotte is a big contributor in keeping CUSA down. I’m hoping Mike Hill changes our loser schedule mentality.

2018/2019 SOS #211. #12 of 14 in CUSA.

2017/2018 SOS #214. #8 of 14 in CUSA

2016/2017 SOS #223. #6 of 14 in CUSA

2015/2016 SOS #211. #7 of 14 in CUSA.

2014/2015 SOS #168. #8 of 14 in CUSA.

2013/2014 SOS #153. #8 of 16 in CUSA

2012/2013 SOS #104. #15 of 16 in A10

2011/2012 SOS #128. #13 of 14 in A10

I can’t wait to see this place if our first 3 rev seasons are 8 wins, 4 wins, and then 11 wins.

I’m sure you would love that.

I’m looking forward to the day we eclipse 15 wins. Guessing that’s the day you stop posting or leave the board altogether since you’d have nothing to post about if we’re winning.

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When do we win?

Great to look back and realize how far this team is exceeding expectations with three games to go plus the chance for a bye in the tournament!


I thought if this team could get to 15 wins, 8 or 9 in conference, it would be significant for the program…more wins in this season than the last two combined…About dang time!


His demise if just a bonus gift that comes with our progress.

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The wins are nice. More than I thought. I’m curious to see the final SOS after these last 3 games play out. SOS I would assume has to drastically improve next year right?