2019 Football Recruiting Thread


I think he signed for $4m and 5 years. Why would you not go back? I am guessing he was going to make $1.2m at Temple. $20m or $6m. Everyone on this board would make the same move since this is life changing money which is the same reason Satterfield left App. It was not pretty, but you have to think about your family. Plus how many opportunities are you going to get to be a P5 coach


They can make them wait for the release until a new coach is hired. Schools do that sometimes.


As someone who grew up in Miami I think you’re very wrong. Coaches leave all the time, timing doesn’t matter. Does it suck? Sure it does, but Diaz said he’d only leave Temple for one job, Miami. His dad was mayor of Miami, he grew up in Miami. It’s home for him.
Plus Miami knew they might not have a shot at him, but they went after it and got him. The players love him and from several people I know in the program it could’ve very well been a mass exodus even if they hired a guy like Crisotbal from Oregon($10M buyout probably wasn’t happening).

I dont think it hurts him at all. Saban wasn’t hurt by lying about leaving the Dolphins and Urban wasn’t hurt by faking heart attacks. Every AD risks their job with football HC’s. Hill risked his by hiring Healy, ECU’s risked theirs by hiring Houston. At the end of the day while it was a 7-6 football team his unit was in the top 5 nationally in every category it wasn’t the defense that caused that season.


Opinions and whatnot here, but from what I understand, Diaz accepted the Temple offer, and then Miami opened up weeks later.

To me that’s different than accepting a job before the end of the regular season all the while knowing other jobs in the region were going to open up in literally hours, and then pretending that you were ignorant to that fact.

Diaz at least has plausible deniability. Houston was openly an ass.


Anyway, back to 2019 recruiting…so who else is Healy bringing in?


Reminds me of Bobby Lutz accepting the HC job at Gardner-Webb, and then a few weeks later leaving them to be an Assistant for us. The big difference is that Lutz told them in his interview that if he ever had a chance to come to Charlotte he would take it. Nobody expected that to happen so soon. (App should hire Bobby as soon as they fire Fox, but that is another thread.)


Bobby turned them down while he was an assistant at NCState, he may take it if offered again


I’m sorry, I was upset this went away from football also…so who else is Healy bringing in?


this thread really got off in the weeds!

football recruiting???


It got really sidetracked. Let’s get back on point.

I’m sure the first 2-3 weeks of Jan we will see a flurry of offers as we look to get in front of guys.


Yes, dead period ends then. Which is good, has allowed Healy to get his full staff in place and give them their assignments in terms of which HS’ they have


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Serious inquires only. clt knows what he has


how is it on weeds?


FB dead period lasts until Jan 10th, after that I expect to see things ramp up quickly.


We offered a 2019 RB/CB last night from Las Vegas, Jamel Brown:


Let’s hope he knows a good bet when he sees one!


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Healy has landed a grad transfer OL from NCSU, Philip Walton. Played HS ball at Charlotte Christian:


Excellent. Need to beef up the oline or it doesnt matter who our qb is


Philip Walton has already enrolled at Charlotte.