2019 Football Recruiting Thread


Cool. Don’t know how good he can be but he’s big and has FBS experience


You can’t teach size and can’t buy experience. I’ll take what we can get!


clt says we should have the number 2-3 class in NC


I’m thoroughly impressed with what Healy has done on the recruiting front in limited time:

  • Retained the majority of the team and this year’s commits
  • Brought in a solid handful of transfers that wanted to come back home and play (from Cartel 5 teams)
  • Already has his staff in the local high schools talking up the program and new philosophy

As time goes I think we will see Healy leverage more of his Southeast recruiting ties and spread out a bit more but he is definitely showing that local guys are a priority. I’ve always been a believer of getting the best guys no matter where they are from but you have to create that stable base first.


Austin Kendall at Oklahoma is now in the NCAA Transfer Portal, and he is from Waxhaw.

I wonder if Healy and crew will kick the tires on him and see if he may be interested in coming back closer to home.


Had hear some local kid from Oklahoma would transfer, wasn’t sure who it’d be.

Important to note he is eligible immediately




Austin Kendall is in the portal, per the post above mine.


Kendall doesn’t fit the style of QB that Healy wants. He is a pocket passer.


No doubt, but he’s a legit talent at QB. Those don’t grow on trees.


See that Nafees Lyon tweeted for this guy to come back to Charlotte.

Says in his tweet he has completed his undergraduate studies so assuming he would be a grad transfer eligible immediately.


clt is hearing lots of transfers are otw. From the east, west and even up the mountain…


~ Well if they aren’t from Meck County I’m not going to give a rat’s ass, and will stop donating to the program. ~


what’s happened to kamron love’s commitment and decommitment?


Love decommitted after Lambert was fired. He committed and then signed with Navy.


thanks. just discovered that from Agent 49. should have checked there first.




Got a text from a HS head coach in Charlotte, said assistants were at every HS in the area. Really loved seeing the emphasis they are putting on the Charlotte area, not just Meck. County and that it is long overdue.

With that said, I expect several transfers to come home between now and February. Future is very very bright!


clt saw 2 people at the store with niner gear today.


There’s really no need to make stuff up CLT.