2019 Football Recruiting Thread


Great read on signee Peter Agabe:


Say what you want about the previous staff’s recruiting but it’s hard not to pull for kids like that to succeed. Hopefully he brings that work ethic to Charlotte.


Not the same story as Larry O, but just as easy to get behind. Here’s hoping Agabe finds great success at Charlotte. Gotta love his drive.


Marks KBS off the list:

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Thanks for posting, hope he blows it up here.


We’ve had good luck so far with our Nigerian players.


No worries. We’ll just get him when he wants to transfer home in two years, after he gets tired of the smell of piss and cheese steaks in Philly.

That being said, QB is starting to be a concern.


Was hoping we could get him, but I bet we have something else brewing as well



Quick update on Neal here:


Would be a great addition.


Love the hog mollys. 6’3 315. Local kid too.


Tape screams space eater, we need another one of those on the inside.


Any names to watch for Transfer, Juco, or High school QBs yet? Seems like it’s been quiet on the QB front.


Recruiting has not been nearly as active as I thought it’d be after the quiet period. I’m not even sure how many more verbals we have - but it only seems like 2 or 3.


Duke said no to Austin Kendall.


I’m guessing that our staff is still working on a few more potential transfers. They may not have very many scholarships to offer to high school recruits when all is said and done. That being, I still fully expect they are doing their due diligence if some of them don’t work out.


I mean guys I know everyone wants to hear QB news, but just stating the obvious QB is one of the hardest positions to recruit. And a lot of QB recruiting is done behind closed doors. Last thing you want is a Cartel 5 school to swoop in on the kid you’ve been on for months (Tronti & Indiana). You also don’t want to piss off other QBs you may be after as backup plans or whatnot. I would be much more concerned if we were hearing a ton of news on this front.

Not to mention programs like Clemson still get stud QB recruits even when everyone with a brain knows that job is Trevor Lawrence’s for the next few years. Remember Baker Mayfield, Riley Ferguson, and Gardner Minshew were all on somebody’s bench. Patience is a virtue.


what the hell ever happened to Tronti anyway? Didn’t he get recruited over at Indiana and ended up leaving?


Transferred to FAU.