2019 Football Recruiting Thread


clt says just wait until next year’s class.!


Opened this up now for all to see.


New post on Jamykal Neal, a priority recruit for Healy and company.



Latest update.


Not sure what to expect Wednesday but I’d really like to see us move into the single digits in these rankings. Even 9th would be great.


These rankings dont include transfers. If they did, we would be much higher.


I https://247sports.com/college/charlotte/Sport/Football/AllTimeRecruits/

If you want to be encouraged, see the above. Our three highest 247 ratings for four year players are in this class. Noah Henderson is our top rated guy in history (for an incoming freshman) and Healy got him without the full recruiting cycle.

You add in the transfers and this is impressive coming off a coaching change. Can’t wait to see what they can do with a full year to recruit.



Holy Crap!! Awesome!!


Geez, he’s a speedy weasel!


Nice article on Healy’s coaching philosophy by David Scott.


Don’t get me wrong, I wanted Mike Houston a year before Lambert was fired, but I don’t miss him a bit right now. Neither has coached an FBS game yet, so comparisons mean nothing, but it starts with a plan and I like Healy’s.


clt says Houston helped our program tremendously by being greedy


I think Houston is going to be successful at ECU but when he leaves, and leave he shall, he’ll burn the place down in the process. I don’t think Healy will do the same here.


Navy Shuler is either Heath Shuler’s son or nephew. There are several Shulers on Christ School’s roster. Heath Shuler had a brother Benjie who was a WR for Tennessee.


It is his son who was QB at Swain High School, UT, and NFL.


Where is Navy Schuler going to school


christ school, a’villa


What are the chances of Schuler coming to Charlotte