2019 Football Recruiting Thread


I actually like that nickname not going to lie


http://www.hudl.com/v/2AJe8V 2019 FS/WR Adam Robbe, Lambert seems to really like him. Could get an offer soon, told me he is taking a visit here in a few weeks. Lambert saw him in person and came away impressed. No clue if he’d be a PWO or what the deal is though


You leave our 1A schools be now. Neither town would have accepted that agreement.


I prefer Yellowmen. But that not very PC now, is it?


No -Ashley/Ashbrook!


He knows. He was trying to be cleverly ig’nert.


What, another Ashole?


Old joke , still told by assholes.


I am not saying it is a bad thing, but I am always surprised at the allegiance people feel towards their high schools. I have none. Could not care less. I think I may have gone back once for a football game while I was in college, but have not been back since. I am very attached to the University, and maybe it is because I am a first generation graduate so it has always meant more. To me high school was not special, and graduating there was no big deal. I just don’t know what I would feel attached to.


I think your experience with anything while you are “in it” directly influences how you perceive it later in life. I have great memories from jr. high, high school and college. My elementary school was closed a few years back and it meant absolutely nothing to me because I had bad to mediocre experiences there.


Shrine Bowl picks we may know. https://www.gastongazette.com/sports/20181021/hunter-huss-davis-and-bemah-south-points-dowdy-selected-to-shrine-bowl



Man I hope he sticks with us, even after he’s blown up.


Jared Wheatley flipped to Vandy.


Wont hurt much as a kicker, but we could have used him as a punter for sure. If Corbett can pull out a few more 75 yarders we will be ok though.


Hopefully the next staff will let him punt normally. The few normal punts hes had this year have been good. The rugby style punts have been horrible.


We landed one commit about a week or so before Lambert being let go, Jaylon Sharpe

:star::star::star: LB - https://247sports.com/Player/Jaylon-Sharpe-46050044/

Since Lambert has been fired there have been 2 more verbals:

Peter Agabe, LB from Georgia Military Academy, had an offer from Hampton in Oct. 2017.

Solomon Rogers, DB from Rolesville HS, had an offer from Gardner Webb.


sharpe is exactly the sort of recruit we need to land to replace a guy like foggie. these are the guys we land consistently if we make a good hire. the other two guys look like classic lambert recruits, based on their offer list.


clt says this is great news. hard to believe he turned down appy tho


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