2019 Football Recruiting Thread


West Davidson, Central Davidson or South Davidson?


Ok, I’ll admit to West.


NDHS Class of 93’ Welcome to Welcome!


West Davidson Class of 1968!


Y’all westerners. Wake Forest Cougar pride!


West Forsyth Titans!


Healy said on the radio this morning that he had some guys at the top of his wish list that he lost out on at AP that he wanted to re-visit now before signing day.

Also, David Scott tweeted this on Healy’s schedule for the next few days:

Meet with current staff Thurs a.m.;
recruiting visits in and around Charlotte Thurs/Fri;
go to prep football game Friday night;
house hunt Saturday;
head to Ga for recruiting over the weekend


Nice. Hitting the recruiting trail early and often. Needs to get the staff together quickly too so we can get more boots on the ground.


Hope he can add Niners basketball for Sunday !


What I expect to happen, we get a small about of guys early, then many kids will realize they aren’t getting signed by the P5’s and we’ll be there in February to capitalize. The caliber of kids we’re going to target is going to be 180 degrees from what Lambert and staff went after.


I agree 100% things change a ton after that December signing period. 2k hits it on the head.


I think he will be one of Healy’s first recruits


Lambert offered Kadum and he promptly committed elsewhere if I’m not mistaken.


looks solid. not a great offer list but i trust this coach until he gives me a reason not to. three star is always a good standard.


I just noticed he liked all of Healy’s post about coming to Charlotte


Doesn’t look like he is committed anywhere


You’re right. I was confusing him for this kid: https://247sports.com/player/hayden-wolff-46047671/


Obviously like the height of Kadum, but he’s listed as a pro-style QB, didn’t Healy just say yesterday he wanted a dual-threat qb?


Yes, he specifically mentioned “dual-threat”.


That is pro style these days.