2019 Football Recruiting Thread


Don’t know if Coach Healy can coach, but his recruiting activity so far is already a dramatic improvement. Bold prediction: before this recruiting season is over, we will have the top rated G5 class in the state.


All it takes is for a recruit to let slip to any coaching staff from another school that is recruiting them that Charlotte boosters gave him X. That staff calls the NCAA and we all know they don’t let schools like us slide. That’s why you shouldn’t do anything.


How sad is that? His recruiting effort is already better. What an indictment on the former regime.


I am incredibly pleased with Healy, so don’t take this the wrong way.

Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch.


wonder why osbourne is leaving ut since he is a starter.


I don’t disagree, but just the fact that we are showing effort pleases me. We’re not going to get them all, but we were absolutely not going to get kids that we didn’t communicated with.


The scenario was “verbally encouraging”, not giving the kid anything. No one cares if someone says they hope you choose whatever school


Exactly…you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
Bout time we start taking our shots…even if we hit on very few…those very few will make a difference.


It makes a difference if you are a “booster” and have connections to the school as a financial contributor, season ticket holder, employee other than official recruiters.


Just DON’T. It’s not worth the risk.


Let’s agree to disagree on what you call risk.


Just do as Clive owen. “I hear charlotte may be a great school to play football. Saw on the news they hired a new coach. Saw in the Twitter world he is pretty respectable. Good luck with you college search, oh and go niners.”

There is nothing wrong with verbal fun. Dont force a guy, but saying a schools name is no harm in my book. And if it is, jesus help us.


Folks in here acting like they never saw Blind Side…

If you’re a booster, don’t walk the line, ESPECIALLY if you are able to be seen as an authority figure by the kid in question… like a faculty member at their school. Whether you think it’s a risk or not, we all get screwed if the NCAA disagrees.


Let’s agree you take some time and actually check out the guidelines and then don’t do anything to get us in trouble.


I think letting the professionals do their job and staying out of their business is the best course of action you should take. Buy your season tickets and support the team this coming fall. And there is no need to “agree to disagree “‘ you’re wrong about interacting. You will most definitely be committing a recruiting violation


Here are the guidelines. Follow these and we will all be fine.


If I see a recruit, I’ll be sure not to introduce myself and say I hope to see them in a Niner uniform. I’ll just keep my head down and walk on by. Don’t want ncaa peeps knocking on my door. :hushed:

Y’all stay off cell phones too. I hear “the man” is listening.


Lol. This thread has turned crazy.


was that a big surprise?


Technically, boosters are not even supposed to follow players on twitter, much less communicate/tweet with them.