2019 Football Recruiting Thread


Can we let their parents live in a $800,000 dollar house like Zion’s?


clt never offers jobs for players moms like at CHeat


Honestly I’m not sure of what is permissible. I know I was blocked off from a facilities tour due to recruits. However, at least for 1 or 2 games a season there are recruits sitting right in front of me. I am one of those of caution and do not interact with them.


Kamron Love (Nov 20th) and Kei’trel Clark (today) have both decommited from the program.


If Urban Meyer was coming here to take over as coach we would have several decommits. College football recruiting is the craziest process in sports.


I am not sure we lose much with these two since they both seemed pretty small for their position. As Nugget said, I expected us to lose some players, but hope to pick up better players this year.


Satterfield pulling offers


clt asks if we want any of the lville decommits


Only if they’re standouts



delighted to see these types of offers. i’m convinced they will produce results!


clt provides a few other options



Noah Henderson has an offer from Peay.


I think Henderson is one of those recruits that Healy didn’t think he had a chance with at Austin Peay, but now believes he does.


henderson has a lot of offers, none are anything “super big” but better than the average lambert recruit.


clt says our best player isnt on here


There is going to be recruits on campus today & tomorrow on their official visits. Also hearing a linebacker from penn state might be transferring in. Anybody know if that’s legit.


That PSU player is probably this kid… https://247sports.com/Player/Brelin-Faison-Walden-80089/high-school-138899/


has he played at all in his time at psu?