2019 Men's Hoops Coaching Carousel




I am so happy about this.




Some Washington State fans already mentioning Sanchez name on Twitter machine.


If so, he needs to make an emphatic statement soon in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that he is not interested (assuming he isn’t), so that it does not adversely affect our recruiting.


Have to agree with Jeff Goodman that WSU alum Leon Rice likely successor in Pullman.




That is surprising since they were high on the incoming recruiting class. I think two from the Charlotte area ranked in top 20 in NC seniors


clt says we should see if any of the appy recruits are good enough to play at charlotte


FWIW, we’d net approximately $1.8m in a Sanchez buyout if Wazzu wanted him.


FWIW - they aren’t talking about Sanchez on their message board at all: https://washingtonstate.forums.rivals.com/threads/mbb-coaching-options.17555/


If Josh Pastner goes down Mark Price is available.


Read some of the Wazzu board. Stopped at the first mention of Pitino. :roll_eyes:


Seems every desperate fan base has a few throwing his name out. I guess just abandon any pretense of playing by the rules.

It’s worked for Kentucky with Cal.




Buzz leaving VA Tech is probably in our best interest, though his roster is currently light on area players (3 players from NC). Just one less guy to recruit against.