2019 Niner Baseball Thread


We’ve done that in the past. Put a SP that you know is not going to pitch in as the starting DH late in the line-up as a place holder. See how the first few innings play out and then plug in a righty or lefty depending on match-ups. Especially on games like last night when both teams are throwing guys for 1 or 2 innings.

As far as pitching depth, both teams were very deep into their bullpen. We were playing our 4th game in 4 days, they were playing 4th in 5 days. I didn’t think their guys were any more impressive than ours, other than their regular closer who they brought in. Pinkney and Cooner were warming but never came in. I’d probably rather seen one of those guys over Czantskowski, but he had just shut out Arkansas for 3 innings last week. Hard to second guess. Might have had a shorter leash than we allowed him though.

All of the guys were on pitch counts with C-USA games looming this weekend.

The base running in the 9th was inexcusable. Terrible read on that ball in the dirt and was thrown out by a mile. Gotta be more aware of the situation you are in at that point.

Also, it sucks playing NC State when they have tons of fans in town already for the ACC Tournament. Too much red last night, not enough green. Our fans that were there were pretty good though.


clt could hear the 49er fans when we scored early. clt could hear them from the concession line.


Should of clarified…from an athletics standpoint. Judy pissed him off and I’m not sure if we gave him even a thought before we hire Sanchez.


I missed about an inning waiting in the concession line. Hopefully they bring in more staff for the Clemson game. Hardly anything was open down the 3B line.

Between the long concession lines, sitting in front of some asshole NC State fans, and the blown lead, last night was not a great experience. I did get to see several #badfans though, so it was a good night overall. Good baseball game, except for us not being able to close it out.


I asked the gentleman with the wand at the gate if they couldn’t afford two people to
do that so it wasn’t backing up, he said “aww it’s just a little college game!”
That seemed to be the general consensus.


Knowing this city, the Knights may have had trouble getting people to work concessions because everyone wanted to stay home and watch the first round ACC game. (Only half kidding)


At this point Lutz is like most of our alums–he never comes to campus, and he pulls for an ACC team. Judy is retired and Phil is laying low on the Athletics front, so if Bobby wants to come back I think the time is right and he would be warmly welcomed, but it is really up to him. I don’t know that we are going to have an event to celebrate it.


While she is retired, she still comes to everything.


I can promise you Bobby is still a 49er at heart.


Hard to believe after that in your face gesture of sitting with state fans last night. Try again.


He did at least walk across the field and hug Hibbs and talk to him for a while.
Would have been nice if he would have walked thru the Niner crowd…but Janet would probably
have not liked that, because that would have taken a while I’d think ! He still has lots of supporters.


Seems like they expect every game to be like the Davidson/Winthrop/App State games. Luckily the club bar upstairs was empty.


Concessions sucked, Baserunning in the 9th SUCKED.
Did anyone have a doubt that State was going to score a couple
in the eight on our struggling pitcher. It was obvious that it was
going to end badly.

Other than that, good game.


Has Clt got his hamberder yet?


Judy didn’t come to baseball even when she was AD, so Bobby wouldn’t have had the problem of bumping into her at BB&T.
I seem to have vague memories of him sitting in State’s dugout when they played on our campus once. That would have been when he was working in Raleigh, I guess.
Someone will correct me if that memory is wrong.

Ya know, Bobby was on the field before game time. Since we were the home team, we may have made allowances for him to be there. Not just anyone can come out of the stands to be on the field.


No thanks


clt is next in line now, hopefully they still have food


Mr. B says don’t get the nachos. They taste like they’ve been sitting out since last season.


clt made it back to the seats, and the game is over. :poop:


I wish they could price the beer there for Niner games like their thirsty Thursday prices. You would think prices for concession should go up or down based on level (ie. college, AAA, MLB)