2019 Niner Baseball Thread


Amen !


It seems like the shine has worn off of these games for the Knights. When this began they were using them as dress rehearsals for the their season. Now they are doing a ton of games and half-assing the fan experience side of things. Not enough staff, concession stands closed, etc. I wonder if they’ll be in half-ass mode on April 16th for the Holes/Cocks? :thinking:


Opening C-USA play at ODU this weekend. They currently have the best record in our conference after the OOC slate.

Brooks was announced as the Friday starter last night, but that has changed this morning. Cooner is now listed as the game 1 starter. Not sure what is going on with Brooks, but that is very troublesome.

Weekend Rotation:
FRI - Cooner
SAT- McGowan
SUN- Pinkney


Today’s Game at ODU has been moved up to a 3:30 start. Not sure if 49ers website has updated. I think Norfolk weather today is similar to Charlotte.


That stinks


Anyone hear any updates on Patrick Wheeler’s condition? He got hurt making a great catch yesterday saving us 2, maybe 3 runs.


He’s back at the team hotel and resting. Sounds like he’s OK. We’ll see how long it takes him to get back on the field. I’m sure they’ll be careful with him after hitting his head.

Niners take game one 11-8!


Come from behind win over a good ODU team.


can’t get stats for second game. who won?


Last I could find it was 6-6 in the 12th


8-6 Charlotte 1 Out B13 last I saw.


Whooooo Hoooo! Niners win two.


Yep. Gooding with a bases loaded strikeout to end it. 8-7 Niners! DH sweep on the road…sort of.


I’ll take a road series win any time! Especially after the disappointment of earlier in the week. This team does some frustrating things, but they hang in there. Maybe we can get a sweep tomorrow.


I hope they brought their brooms


Didn’t get the sweep but picked up a solid road series win. Especially nice considering that our ace didn’t pitch this weekend.

Nice to see the offense explode for the 1st 2 games of the series with 19 runs. Their Friday starter came into this weekend with a 0.36 ERA and we knocked him around for 7 Runs. We didn’t pitch much better but guys stepped up when needed. We did just enough to grind out 2 wins.

Hopefully Brooks will be back this weekend against Marshall.


Looking for (2) tickets to the Charlotte/Clemson baseball game next week at BB&T Ballpark if anyone has any they aren’t using. Please pm me.



Niners travel to Wake Forest tonight. Unfortunately I have other obligations as I work a few minutes from campus/baseball field and would love to go. Weekday tickets for Wake Forest baseball games are free so hopefully there will be a few Niners in attendance.



Losing 11-0 in the bottom of the third. :frowning::anguished::sob: