2020 Basketball Virtual Tipoff 11/19 7pm (link)

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I’m looking forward to seeing the new guys. We seem to have a pretty deep roster.

Year 3 is a BIG year. I expect to see the biggest jump this season.

Seriously, I am setting my expectations a little higher than some, though the first game could be pretty brutal. Tennessee is loaded. Will be interesting to see how we measure up…

We saw a pretty sizeable jump last season.

Yeah we did - a pleasant surprise. If we can fix road issues from last season it should be a great season.

Historically speaking though the third year of a new coach is when you expect them to get over the new coach hump. Roster has turned over mostly and most have experienced in the systems being run. If we can do that then watch out… this conference is ready to be run.

After the way football season has gone with Covid, I’m just hoping that we have more games played than we have games postponed/cancelled. Hoping for lots of TV games and will be thankful to be able to watch the 49ers when they are on.


Hopeful that fewer people on the basketball team means fewer games cancelled/postponed.
Very frustrated that I won’t be in Halton to see this group.


Wasn’t much to it. You can watch the whole thing on youtube linked above.

They showed a video from practices, some intro videos from the players, a little bit of talk between sweirad and Sanchez, and then they debuted the new unis, which look a lot like the women’s team’s ( you’ve probably seen them before). The home and away unis have the CLT logo across the chest. Sanchez also showed the alternate uni which is the new gold (almost a tan) with NINERS in green across the front.

I really like the alternates. They look good.