2021-22 MBB - Charlotte @ FAU, 1-17 4:00 PM CUSA.tv


clt says cusa.tv stinks.

Will spend the time smoking and sledding.


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Is it Saturday? We must be going in reverse.

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Lol good thing I am the only one who cares about this game, because FAU cannot miss. We are getting hammered.

This FAU radio announcer needs some voice training. Definitely in the wrong profession,

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Fau shooting 1000% so far.

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Is Jallow hurt?

Vasic gives us nothing when he’s on the court. I would rather see Garcia.

Unreal shooting…keep saying to myself that they have to miss sometime.

62% from the field and 80% from 3.

We are lucky we aren’t down by more. We actually played decently on offense. Too many turnovers but otherwise okay.

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And no offensive rebounding at all.

Things have to even out for their shooting in the second half.

We have always failed in offensive rebounding

YIKES! I missed the first half! Might have been a good thing…

All you missed was a shooting school by fau

I didn’t think we played that bad 1st half. They just wouldn’t miss.

Also this announcer sucks!

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Well, looks like their shooting % is going to continue

I am watching CUSA TV but listening to Matt now. Could not take the obnoxious FAU announcer anymore.

Why is Musa Jallow not playing?

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