2021 Football Staff

Joe Cox also expected to join staff.


Do you mean the Joe Cox who was Independence’s QB in 2004 when they won the 4A Championship? He passed to Mohammed Massaquoi.

He went to Georgia and played some for the Bulldogs.

He should be a good assistant coach.

Yup that’s the rumor and he would be an excellent addition to the staff.

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Really liking these new coaching additions.

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Obviously it’s great to add a local guy like Cox. Huge boost for recruiting local. Serious question though, how do you gauge a TE coach or a WR coach? Any position coach for that matter? Is their main priority recruiting?

With Cox that’s why I’m excited. Hand has been a P5 level position coach at so many stops I’ll defer to their evaluation of his ability to develop/recruit.

It’s very evident that our program needs to step it up in local recruiting. IMO…that’s one big reason Cox and Parks are being brought in.

Gotta like the momentum Healy is building with these hires.

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Maybe I just don’t understand hs fb and recruiting, but Cox graduated over 15 years ago and as far as I have seen has not really lived in the area since. How does that help him recruit kids that were toddlers the last time he lived here?

He has been recruiting this area for a while in prior jobs.

I first noticed him because someone kept grabbing Charlotte area recruits for… Colorado State. Didn’t make any sense til I / we learned who he was.

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An area of big need within the program