2021 Full 49er Football Broadcast Schedule released

If I read this correctly, and making the logical assumption that the IU game will be on the B1G network, we will have 7 of our 11 games on some kind of broadcast network, plus 2 on Stadium and 2 on ESPN streaming.


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I’ll take that, if I’m betting think the Illinois game will be on the Big Ten Network too (unless we really get hot out of the gate)

Too ESPN NTWK, is that the U or are they just not sure if they want the games on ESPN+ or 3? That’s an upgrade if we’re getting games on ESPN lineal channels.

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I’m choosing optimism and thinking it’s likely the U.

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clt is glad we avoid cusa tv

Showing my ignorance but what is ESPN NTWK


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It’s an ESPN network. I assume they arent sure which one yet. I would assume Plus or 3 but not sure.

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