2021 MLB Draft

Rounds 2 through 10 today. Things will get interesting today.

Here’s the range of slot values based on Round from BA:

1st RD: $8.4 mill to $2 mill

2nd RD: $2 mill to $884k

3rd RD: $870k to $577k

4th RD: $571k to $426k

5th RD: $422k to $318k

6th RD: $315k to $247k

7th RD: $244k to $194k

8th RD: $192k to $163k

9th RD: $162k to $150k

10th RD: $149k to $142k

That’s some pretty serious money.

And what are the rules about accepting? If you take the bonus you essentially quit college and start the farm process? But you can not accept the signing bonus and play college but you are still drafted by the mlb team if you ever decide to play mlb?

The deadline to sign is August 1. You sign, you start your pro career. If they do not sign, they go back to school and enter the draft again the following year. Teams should have a decent idea of what it will take ($) for them to sign a guy. They also have a limited bonus pool to offer their draft picks. They can offer above or below slot value.

Mr. B, don’t baseball players have to stay in college until they are seniors if they don’t sign out of high school? Or did those rules go away?

If you come to a D1 college you are not eligible to be drafted until after your 3rd year or if you are 21 years old.


7 Rounds done. :eyes:

EDIT: Through 10 rounds. :eyes:

I sure hope so

Did we dodge all “draft bullets” so far? Current players and newcomers for 2022?

Yes so far, but still a ways to go. From what the guys on the broadcast said yesterday, the 11th round could get interesting today because teams with a bunch of pool money may be throwing money at some folks that they couldn’t work out a deal with yesterday.

Is it a 'given" if we have guys selected in the next few rounds, that they will go?

Most likely. The money won’t be better next year because they’ll have less leverage as a senior. Unless they just blow up their senior season, but even then 90% of the time they’ll get offered less money coming out as a senior.

Not all will be seniors next year

Right Covid has skewed that a little bit so this year will be a little unusual. There will be several eligible for the draft that have more than one year of eligibility left. If they do have one season remaining and get drafted in the next few rounds, they need to sign. If they have more than one season of eligibility left, they will have more leverage to get more money, so they could hold out or come back for another season.

Btw, us having players drafted and leaving is good for the program. All good programs lose kids early, but they keep that pipeline full and replace them with kids that will get drafted in the next few years. We need multiple kids getting drafted every year. Let’s keep that pipeline full.



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Generally speaking, I would agree…however, this years group of guys lost (potentially) are almost all guys that have only played 1 full season for us…we need these high caliber guys on the field for at least 2 years here.

The couple of people that have been betting on the program’s demise got crushed today. :baseball: :pick: :call_me_hand: