2021 Niner Baseball Thread

He didn’t get drafted

Too bad for him but good for us! Thanks.

Interesting news this week regarding roster sizes. Should help us out since we have a very large recruiting class coming in.

The NCAA Division I Committee for Legislative Relief has given D1 Baseball relief. Includes (for the 2020-21 academic year):

  • 35-man roster cap lifted. No limitation.
  • Annual counter has increased from 27 to 32
  • The 25% scholarship minimum eliminated for a year.

Speaking of the roster, we have 3 players in the transfer portal:

Freshman 1B Vito Patierno- Was injured this past season and did not play.
Freshman SS Zach Weston- He started at SS in opening weekend
JR LHP Ethan Earhart- struggled with injuries last season, but was a solid lefty out of the pen.

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Over time, our program’s going to develop the reputation of being one of the top places in the country to develop as a player in college. As that happens, it will position us to attract top caliber talent and retain them. Not that we’ll completely insulate ourselves against losses of recruits to the draft; but, the probability of our retaining them will rise.

Top agents who advise top high schoolers know where the best development is being done, and they’re routinely nudging players they advise who are inclined to play 3 years in college in the direction of those good programs developmentally. It won’t be long before our program is added to that relatively short list.


I let my hatred of all things tar heel cloud my judgement of Coach Woodard when he was first announced.

I’ve told a few people this, but I believe he may be the best hire Mike HIll has made to date. He understands player development, and the analytics that really matter to baseball as well as anyone I have ever encountered. He’s also a dude on the recruiting trail.

I’m not concerned with losing him to the ACC, I’m concerned with losing him to Major League Baseball.

I don’t know much about baseball, but I was talking to one of our fans that knows a lot, and is intimately familiar with our program, and was told that our partnership with P3 is going to pay big dividends. When recruiting pitchers we can offer the type of scientific development tools not available at most schools. I think when we signed up, we were one of three colleges to partner with P3.

We were the first!! Then Notre Dame and another school followed.

One of our former baseball players, Joe Lopez helped get P3 started up in St Louis. He was Bo Robinson’s roommate at Charlotte. Woodard had been following for years and everything came together when he got the job here.

That’s awesome. UT, Missouri, UNCW, give me more of that.

Rob Woodward was in the Chess Club at Myers Park High School. He’s been thinking deeply and analytically for many years. He played shortstop when he wasn’t pitching. His team was the runner up in 4A his senior year. They lost to Greenville High, a program that is one of the best in 4A.

He has a better understanding of hitting and playing the field than most guys who pitched in college and the minors.

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Welp, baseball and chess do have common elements.


Thank you

2 more Niners went into the Transfer Portal yesterday, Both Sophomores.

C/OF Carter Foster mostly saw time in the DH role here in 2 seasons. Started 7 games this past season.
Riley Cheek is a utility player who started a few games in RF this season.

We now have 5 total in the portal, and I believe Zach Weston will slide across town and play for Ross Steedley at Queens.

Mr. B, do you think past or future playing time was the reason they are leaving? Are there better players on the roster to replace them with?

Future. All that needs to be said. Great kids. Look forward to following their careers

I think some roster turnover was expected this year with the large class coming in. Also Seniors getting an additional year takes away some PT that was expected to open up.

With Seniors getting an extra year and the MLB Draft only being 5 Rounds, I think the transfer portal is up to around 1000 players now and it will only continue to rise now that the draft and FA signings are done. College baseball is going to be really good this year at all levels.


With the 2022 CUSA tournament slated for Hattiesburg, of interest is the SEC saying no post season will be held in the state of Mississippi until the state flag is altered to exclude Confederate symbols. The CUSA tournament is a couple of years down the road, but the flag could have repercussions.



Maybe we could apply for the 2022 championship, provided ,of course , that all attendees use the correct bathroom.


They need to have it in the East, baseball has shifted heavily to the West. I think it would do good here.

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