2021 Week 11 - Charlotte @ LA Tech, 11/13 3:30 PM Stadium

Niners and LA Tech (2-7, 1-4 C-USA) face off in first ever meeting. Bulldogs jumped out to a 21-7 lead at UAB before Blazers stormed back for a 52-38 victory. LT freshman QB JD Head made his first start in place of injured Austin Kendall. Latter a grad transfer from West Virginia who started collegiate career at Oklahoma. Local guy from Waxhaw and graduate of Cuthbertson HS.


We open +6

How do I get this broadcast on my Samsung smart tv?

Could be on antenna tv

If it’s on stadium there’s an app. I use it to watch games on my Roku TV.

The Stadium Roku app is confusing. It takes you to a menu that looks a little like ESPN+, but it doesn’t have the Livestream on that page. You have to pull up the side menu and choose Live TV to watch the game. It’s kind of annoying but it works.

ESPN+ > stadium

Stadium is free and has professional crews as opposed to the self produced broadcasts on ESPN+.

They are good at forcing turnovers, so our guys better tighten up if they want to win.

I’ll take the last 4 games Bulldogs over the first 5 games Bulldogs please, thanks.

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Summary of how our opponents did this week.
Overall our opponents are 43-66, 18-22 in C-USA.
Teams we have played are 32-50, 11-14 in C-USA.
Teams remaining are 11-16, 7-8 in CUSA.

DUKE (3-6) - Lost to Pitt 54-29

GARDNER-WEBB (3-6) - Lost at Hampton in OT 27-21

At GEORGIA STATE (4-5) – Lost at Louisiana 21-17

MTSU (4-5, 2-3 CUSA) -Lost at WKU 48-21

At ILLINOIS (4-6) – Beat Minnesota 14-6

At FIU (1-8, 0-5 C-USA) – Lost to ODU 47-24

FAU (5-4, 3-2 C-USA) –Lost at Marshall 28-13

At WKU (5-4, 4-1 C-USA) – Beat MTSU 48-21

RICE (3-6, 2-3 C-USA) Lost to Charlotte 31-24 OT

At LATECH (2-7, 1-4 C-USA) –Lost at UAB 52-38

MARSHALL (6-3, 4-1 C-USA) – Beat FAU 28-13

At OLD DOMINION (3-6, 2-3 C-USA) – Beat FIU 47-24


Bowl Eligible: Marshall, UTSA, UAB, UTEP

Eliminated from Bowl Eligibility: FIU, Southern Miss, LaTech

I know its a longshot, but I think we could technically still finish in first place. We would have to win out.
Marshall still has to play WKU, UAB & us. WKU still has to play Rice, FAU & Marshall. FAU has to play ODU, WKU & MTSU.

If we win out, Marshall beats WKU and loses to UAB, WKU loses to FAU & Marshall, FAU lose to ODU or MTSU. We would own the tie-breaker with Marshall due to H2H win. I know all this will probably happen when fish can fly. :wink:

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How about we just win Saturday :slight_smile:

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But you are saying there’s a chance!

Also, I confirmed from a super reliable source that Chris did injure the ligament in his throwing hand during the GA State game. What I didn’t confirm was whether he is 100%. He looked good Saturday and if our offense pushes like they did in the last part of the fourth and the defense crashes down on the ends with our LBs we have an excellent chance to win. I hope the OC and DC learned something late Saturday. We shall see.

I’m sure I am confirming my Bad Fan status by saying this but I want no part of playing UTSA in the Alamo Dome this year.

Sure the team would love to get an East Division title but…I’d rather the boys get an extra week of rest for the bowl game.

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No, I want to play UTSA. If we were to win out who knows. But let’s take it one game at a time. First up LaTech.

I’m actually worried about us even becoming bowl eligible. We have not played well on the road and our lone home game is against the current east leader.


UTSA is going to beat the mess out of whomever wins the east. They are just that much better than the rest of the league.

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That’s what people said about Buffalo till they got beat by lowly Jags