2021 Week 4 - Middle Tennessee @ Charlotte, 9/24 6:30 PM CBS Sports Network

Week 4 will be our first C-USA game of the year as we host MTSU on Friday night. MTSU is 1-2 with losses to VT and UTSA, winning over Monmouth. They lost last week to UTSA 27-13

Summary of how our opponents did this week. Overall our opponents are 14-22.

DUKE (2-1) - Beat Northwestern 30-23

GARDNER-WEBB (1-2) - Beat Lincoln 56-0

At GEORGIA STATE (1-2) – Beat Charlotte 20-9

MTSU (1-2, 0-1 CUSA) - Lost at UTSA 27-13

At ILLINOIS (1-3) – Lost to Maryland 20-17

At FIU (1-2) – Lost at Texas Tech 54-21

FAU (2-1) –Beat Fordham 45-14

At WKU (1-1) – BYE

RICE (0-3) Lost at Texas 58-0

At LATECH (1-2) – Lost to SMU 39-37

MARSHALL (2-1) – Lost to ECU 42-38

At OLD DOMINION (1-2) – Lost 45-17 at Liberty

Looks like MTSU doesn’t have a RB worth a damn, or UTSA are worldbeaters.

UTSA is pretty solid. Theyre the best candidate to knock off UAB in the west, since La Tech dropped 2 tight games.

Early betting line has Charlotte a 2.5 point favorite.


MTSU might not have their starting QB?


Also, before we get all hyped about this news…

GA state just beat us like a drum with their backup QB.


The new QB will not pass any since they will give to the RB up the middle for 30 times

ISO extra parking pass for CRI Orange Deck this weekend. Please let me know if anyone has one. Thanks guys

Beat us like a drum is relative, if we had an offense we would have won that game.

In reality that was a one score game until the D wore out at the end of the game. Had we had even a halfway decent passing attack they wouldn’t have been able to just ride their RB to victory.

Kinda hard to have a passing attack at all when you quit throwing the ball…

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We actually threw it several times on the last couple drives.

Dare I ask? Was Chris hurt? I suspect he was/is. Sad the ga st debacle has bled over into this thread about our next game.

Not that I could see. I think he just hada bad night with the wet conditions. On one pass play in the second quarter Tucker fell down, but mainly Chris was over throwing receivers. However I think the offense was too conservative.

An injured hand would just as likely impact accuracy as distance.

I get that it was raining, but our run game out of the RPO wasn’t accomplishing a thing except getting the ball back to GA State in as few downs as possible.

Two Deep.

There are two changes that I see. Rogers in as the starting safety and Camp as RB1

Justin Wisenhunt is starting now also.