2022 Football Recruiting Thread

2 offers out so far, including 1 today to Khamauri Rogers:

Antonio Williams (Dutch Fork, 2022) receives an offer from Charlotte. Comes from the same school as recent 2021 Charlotte commit Elijah Spencer.

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spencer looks really good. i hope we can hold onto him.

same here, he recently got an offer from tulane as well. just hope he doesn’t go there instead and stays put at charlotte

clt isn’t worried about Tulane,

The Dutch Fork coach is Tom Knotts, the former coach at Independence HS in Charlotte when they were always ranked at the top nationally.


Coach Hand getting to work… :star::star::star: OL

#AGTG After a great conversation with @CoachHand I’m blessed to say that I’ve received an offer from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte!! @simplyCoachO @CoachWilliamsII @Teaguefootball @That_Boi_Dhawk https://twitter.com/KitlerCaden/status/1357091711999221761/photo/1

Looks like he plays Center. Any chance he could reclass to 2021? We need to replace Fisher.


Hand going after the hog mollies.

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Did you see that Texas State (Sun Belt) signed only transfers this week, and no high school players? That is a novel approach. It will be interesting to see how this works out because the number of players in the transfer portal is ever growing.

Our Feb class is extremely transfer heavy, too. I suspect this may become the new normal. Heavy prep focus on early signees, the fallout from that triggering a rush to the transfer portal for Feb.

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I think that’s a good move for a program like ours. Make the portal work for you.


The only thing about the transfer route with any sport is that 9 out of 10 guys that transfer to a CUSA school is doing so because they didn’t live up to their original expectations. We have experienced guys that had high ratings transfer in our program and disappear down the depth chart.

clt endorses an OL who can dunk

That is wild, WKU has 21 players transferring out, and 11 coming in. They are going to have to wear nametags at team meetings.

Memphis has 17 leaving and 10 coming in as well. FSU has 8 coming and 13 leaving.

clt says good luck cusa