2023-24 49er MBB Game #28 Charlotte vs #25 USF 3/2 4:00 PM ESPN+

Can anyone weigh in on the following? Fearne was talking about ball movement and “help others succeed.” On multiple occasions now I’ve seen what appeared to me to be a player passing the ball off while said player was directly in scoring position. Like right next to basket, mid-air. It appears to me as though the player could just as well score a layup but instead passes the ball.

Am I just seeing this wrong altogether?
Is there something I’m missing that makes this wise ball movement?

It feels to me like players sometimes value teamwork so highly that they pass the ball rather than score. It’s frustrating to see, but I may be seeing it wrong or appraising incorrectly.

Only person I ever see having problems passing is Lucye (in terms of “sharing” the ball). He commits to drives in the paint very early, which makes him so good, but cringeworthy at times. With him being the heart of the offense, Fearne may be speaking on that directly??? Who knows.

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Matt and Trevor have commented on players passing up high percentage shots, so you are not seeing it wrong.

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Right next to the basket mid air and pass it???

Half way through a layup / dunk and pass it??

You seeing that a lot??

There were at least 2 occasions in the ~5 games I’ve seen.
I can’t recall the exact circumstances. (Instant replay would sure be nice.)
The one that I remember best, the player was in a position with the ball that I firmly believed he could have just as well scored a layup but instead passed the ball.

I have noticed it as well. I feel it is a hold-over from last season where there were routinely 28 seconds of good shots passed up to throw up a prayer at the buzzer to appease Ron’s asinine system.


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I’m confused about seniors. Does Thredgill and Braswell have another year left after this year due to Covid?

Trying to figure out eligibility these days is impossible it seems.

I would assume that if we are honoring seniors that they will not be back, but who knows?

Mike Hill also said that everyone on this team could come back next year if they wanted to.




He’s wrong about braswell. He’s 100% out of eligibility. This is his 6th season in college.

I really want this game. Hoping this game is where we get back to where we were before that last 30 seconds at USF. This season has me feeling those Lutz vibes where we go into the conf tournament like a lion after winning some we shouldn’t and losing some we shouldn’t… The run up to that starts with this game! Let’s go!








Nope, he can come back.

Jackson on the Coaches’ Show said he hadn’t made up his mind yet on coming back next year.


I think he fits the type of player to come off the bench, but if he wants to start, then he will need to drop probably to SB or CUSA

I could see him balling out at Liberty :joy::joy:

But I hope he comes back and plays as our 6th-7th man

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