2023 49er Football Week #3 - Charlotte vs Georgia State 9/16 6:00 PM ESPN+

Okie was held out of the game in the first half because of a foot injury. He had a boot on.

I suspect he was so frustrated that we were losing that he decided to play anyway and talked the coaches into it.

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I thought Biff said personal reasons for Okie being out in the post game presser. Could be wrong but fairly certain.

Was going off of Hunter’s tweet Saturday:


Yep, that’s why it stuck out to me when Biff said that.

Tailgating is still fun, the games not so much.

Best I can tell so far, Poggi can manage money and talk a good game. I don’t see much evidence of anything else so far. It’s only 3 games in but I’ve got a sinking feeling. Maybe we can surprise UF a little. They gotta be thinking we suck, rightfully so btw and they’re coming off a huge win. Maybe we can catch them on a letdown.

Another cool picture…


I believe Jeff lives in Florida but has Bobby moved back to the Charlotte area?

I think Jeff is back up in Lake Norman area.

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I believe Bobby lives near Denver, NC off Highway 150. He plays a lot of golf at Glen Oaks in Maiden.

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O-Line has been a big disappointment. The talent is supposedly there. Have they just not jelled as a unit?

O-Line has provided decent pass blocking coverage. Imagine what Chris Reynolds could have done if he was given more time?

We haven’t done the online any favors with some of the long deep routes they’ve sent all receivers on.

Predictable too.

Trey Smith has realistic comments about the Ga. St. game and rest of season (queued up):