2023 Football Recruiting Thread

Glad to have him. He needs to show up every day 15 minutes early and ready to work on everything. How bad does he want to start and win as an FBS QB?

He certainly has the running skills and can sling it. Not many int’s in high school, 60% completions, nice QBR each season. If they are successful with running the football, really successful, then he could do well going deep. Excited to see him with the ball in his hands flashing Green and Gold

“Micah is one of those that I think was still adjusting, coming off a COVID year, now he’s in a new place, new offense. There’s just — he had a lot of things swirling, I think, a lot of things going on, a lot of things new this spring. I thought he had a lot of good moments, did some really good things, was productive in the spring game.”

“He’s a talented kid,” Riley said. “He is a guy that we would potentially look at, with his athleticism, to see where he could help the team. And he’s been a team-first guy. But there’s still certainly a plan for quarterback here in his future, and with his talent, I’m excited to see how he continues to grow. Because I don’t think we’ve seen near the best of him yet.”


Micah looks very good here. These are some really nice throws. He is working


I dont see him starting over jones but next season he will have the experience advantage over backs and purdie

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