2023 Football Recruiting Thread

A Name Height Weight POS Last School
1 Luke Hill 5’11 180 DB Oregon
2 Randy Fields 6’3 185 WR West Virginia
3 Jalen Carter 6’4 230 Edge St Francis University
4 Sam Thomas 6’0 234 LB Kent State
5 Austin Johnson 6’4 260 IOL Colorado
6 Andrew Jacobs 5’11 190 WR South Dakota
7 Nico Crawford 6’1 250 LS Illinois
8 Alonzo “Ace” Colvin 6’2 225 DB Ellsworth CC
9 Demetrius Knight 6’2 210 LB Ga Tech
10 Clinton Burton 5’11 170 CB Boston College
11 Dontae Balfour 6’2 170 CB UNC
12 Ike Wight 5’11 180 WR Minnesota
13 Ja’khi Green 6’6 320 OT Maryland
14 Emmanuel Balogun 6’7 240 DL Marshall
15 Kevin Williams 6’5 332 OL Nebraska
16 Eyabi Okie 6’5 245 Edge Michigan
17 Jordan Daniels 6’5 275 OL Akron
18 Andrew Adair 6’4 310 OL JMU
19 Jaden Bradley 6’4 190 WR Pitt
20 Jack Hestera 6’0 180 WR Colorado
21 Breon Noel 5’11 190 CB St Francis PA
22 Grant Gonya 6’2 195 P John Carroll U
23 Ja’Qualyn Greene 6’0 175 DB San Jose CC
24 Julius Welschof 6’6 248 DE Michigan
25 Tymere Burton 6’2 225 LB South Gwinnett
26 Duane Thomas 5’8 170 WR Hollywood, FL
27 Jalon Jones 6’3 205 QB Bethune Cookman
28 Kyle Cunanan 5’10 174 K Sunnyslope, AZ
29 Jake Larson 5’11 165 K Richmond
30 Greg Hudgins 6’4 226 Edge Purdue

From the early signing list, per @Pcon:

These are the players that are not listed on the roster…

1|Luke Hill|5’11|180|DB|Oregon|

|3|Jalen Carter|6’4|230|Edge|St Francis University|

|4|Sam Thomas|6’0|234|LB|Kent State|

|5|Austin Johnson|6’4|260|IOL|Colorado|

|8|Alonzo “Ace” Colvin|6’2|225|DB|Ellsworth CC|

|15|Kevin Williams|6’5|332|OL|Nebraska|

|23|Ja’Qualyn Greene|6’0|175|DB|San Jose CC|

Here was the late list (I can’t even call it signings, as not all of these guys signed):

Name Rating Height Weight POS School
1 Jasper Parks 6’7 315 OL U Sioux Falls
2 Malik Baker 5’11 190 WR UT Martin
3 Quavaris Crouch :star::star::star::star: 6’2 237 RB Michigan State
4 Nikhai Hill-Green :star::star::star::star: 6’2 232 LB Michigan
5 Elijah Culp :star::star: 5’9 175 DB Troy
6 Dae Dae Hollins :star::star::star: 6’2 210 DB UNC
7 Challen Faamatau 5’10 213 RB Maryland
8 Joseph Bearns :star::star::star: 6’2 245 TE/FB Maryland
9 Gus McGee :star::star::star: 6’5 220 TE SDSU
10 George Udo :star::star::star: 6’1 205 DB BYU
11 Micah Bowens :star::star::star::star: 5’11 190 QB Oklahoma
12 Isaiah Hazel :star::star::star::star: 6’1 190 S Maryland
13 Dom Shoffner :star::star::star: 6’0 209 QB Eastern Illinois

Crouch is reportedly ineligible.

In all honesty, the best thing to do is check our roster:

That was the weirdest signing class I have ever seen. I would not count on anyone being active on the roster until August. Too many question marks. We had approximately 115 players on the spring roster, and no that isn’t hyperbole. I honestly believe the final roster will be paired down some.

Is that new information on crouch, or by ineligible do you mean we are still waiting to hear on his status?

Williams is on the roster and here practicing (I believe). Ace Colvin just took an official here so not sure what that means.

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Ace committed back in December.

I put those 2 lists together at the request of NinerLove. Then I remembered just how different this recruiting class was. We are way over the scholarship limit, and a bunch of these guys, especially the transfers, weren’t announced as being signed by the school, and I am still in the dark about how their way is being paid. I have some theories, but the fact is, I don’t know. I’m not sure I want to, to be honest.

And just looking at the current roster page, it looks like there has been more activity since the last time I checked it. At this point, I expect it’ll be in flux until a couple of weeks before the season, and we will just have to see who makes it onto the final roster and who doesn’t. As I said some time ago, doing a roster flip of 50+ players was unheard of until recently. Typically you were held to annual signing class limits of 25 or whatever. UAB took a couple of years to rebuild their roster when they restarted the program, because they more or less adhered to those rules. But now you can apparently do like Deion Sanders and run off 70+ players and replace them in the same off-season.

I’m hoping that the 2024 class will shape up to be a more traditional one. And outside of the international guys, so far it looks like it will. Will be a helluva lot easier to track.

Crouch’s eligibility is a rumor. I don’t have a hard source, just a couple of usually reliable ones. I’m not certain. That’s why I put a qualifier on that statement. He is not currently on the roster.

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BTW, here is an article about why we were allowed to sign so many guys. However, note that it was still limited by the 85 man roster:

If you do a headcount of the roster we have up right now, I believe we are still significantly over 85.

Thanks for this, I have been very confused by all the offers we have been throwing around for '24 and beyond. Now this explains why my son was driving through campus the other day and got stopped and handed a football scholarship by a man in a sleeveless shirt.


clt says fat elvis could play OL

As i understand it, but needs to be confirmed, i believe the 85 scholarship roster cap is like the first day of Fall practice.

Making it thru summer, injuries & summer school to meet eligibility requirements lets the team decide on who is in by that first day of fall practice. Is that end of July ?not sure the date.

There is a big difference in being one of the 85 or not. Use to be rules on how you cant go thru recruiting process (ie receive recruiting benefits) and move to non scholly status, have no idea if those still apply.

The whole process i understand can be quite brutal, especially at our level, ie not a lot of fbs schools waiting and holding scholarship spots to see who we may have come available at the last minute
above our 85 cap.


This guy is from Maryland…

Maybe some Biff magic?


6’0 175 S Jacksonville, FL :star::star::star:

Michigan (2022-23) → Transfer Portal (April 2023) → Charlotte?


It appears former Michigan safety Damani Dent has found a new home after a few months in the NCAA transfer portal. Although there has yet to be an official announcement from Dent, recent social media activity suggests the former Wolverine has joined Biff Poggi’s surging Charlotte program.


Excellent news! We need talent on the back end to go with our beefed up DL and LB corps.

clt says hell yeah, we are surging!

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You degenerates better get your bets in soon. Only more hype coming till first kick off!!


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After what went down @ Northwestern, could he be considering a move to reunite with Biff?


This degenerate got the bet in this weekend.

My anticipation for the season is at an even higher fever pitch now.

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