2024-25 College Basketball 🏀


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Who and how is NIL money being documented?
We do not even know how much we have on hand and have spent.


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Dawkins not afraid to take on players with significant off the court baggage, though it has been pointed out that Mikey Williams isn’t listed on the UCF roster.

And, of course, “Mr. Cliche” didn’t make any mention of Dior’s issues while at Pitt.



What I envision the committee saying in March when Indiana gets in the dance: “We know Indiana had a 5-11 record in conference play but the Big Ten is a beast. We were also impressed with how they dominated their non conference schedule.”

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Wow that’s weak as well water

Remember it’s not gaming the system when the big boys do it. It’s smart scheduling. :roll_eyes:

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Then you have Alabama that does the complete opposite. They didn’t hold back. Kudos to them for this schedule.

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And speaking of Gottlieb, watched his interview with Jeff Goodman. Former definitely passionate about hoops, though I’m still skeptical he’ll be able to successfully do both the HC gig and daily radio show.