2024 49ers Softball 🥎

Bats are struggling right not but this normally occurs early in the season

FSU drops to 7. No votes for the Niners in the SA poll


D1 poll is similar


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This week’s show with Coach Chastain:

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With the addition of brew at the Sue , it occurs to me that the right field stands being quite the distance from restroom facilities may result in severe damage to the remaining bushes in right center and center field.

Come on now!! We are not a bunch of Marshall fans!!


clt will responsibly toss empty gold rush cans in the trash

Home Opener tomorrow!!!


Of course not. They wouldn’t bother going behind the bushes!

For some reason everyone is picking Boston U to beat us this weekend. I know Coach said that they brought almost everyone back from last year, but we run ruled that team at the Sue 11-1. I guess we are in for some good games this weekend.

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Is this available on draft kings? Going all in.


Ladies getting shelled early

Poor in all phases of the game in the first two innings. :frowning_face:

Guess we’re seeing why no one picked them to win. :tired_face:

In the words of Joe Pesci, WTF is this POS?

I saw most of game 1 before going over to baseball. Boston pitcher was really good and we couldn’t get anything going. When we did hit the ball hard, it was right at someone. We had 1 bad inning defensively and that’s all they needed.

Glad to see we bounced back from an early deficit vs Canisius to split on the day.


clt agrees, baseball and softball are weird sometimes. hard hit balls right at players and mis hits that find holes

great crowd and awesome to enjoy a gold rush at the sue. will def return


Niners lose 2-1, leaving lots of runners on base. Unearned run was the difference :frowning_face: