2024 Baseball Season





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This may be a bit of an off topic question but why does the baseball team have a turf infield and grass outfield while softball has a dirt infield and grass outfield?

I’d imagine the baseball infield is turf so it’s cheaper to maintain, but then why is the outfield still grass, plus the women just play without any turf. It’s never made sense to me.

The infield being turf is about maintenance and playability. Less on-field time list to weather. No tarp pulls is a plus. The outfield will be turf as well. ($)

Softball is a bit different. The outfield will likely be turf at some point, but dirt is the preferred playing surface for the infield. I believe NCAA tournament games have to be played on a dirt inflield.

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Good lord! Can you imagine playing third base on a softball turf infield?

Not me.

Sure, I suppose. I just find it surprising that they did away with dirt for one because money and maintenance but kept it for the other. Seems a bit redundant

Whoever is controlling the graphics display on ESPN+ is doing a terrible job. They’re not keeping track of strikes and balls, they’re not even keeping track of the number of outs.

The softball team has # of pitches for each pitcher, has the ball-strike count, actually keeps track of the # of outs. What’s going on here?

In regards to dirt… The maintenance on the dirt and having to stripe and spray between games is a nightmare. Think practice/double headers, tournaments, camps. Also nice to keep the batters box lined/painted for the umps (they need all the help they can get). Also nice to have the mound kept up and not have pitchers dig holes into the dirt mounds.


I have heard the same things as Alumnus. I believe that the NCAA requires a dirt infield in order to host an NCAA Regional in softball. That is likely the main reason.

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Love me some Thad after that VT win


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Good for Butch. Got his degree and wanted a chance to play first. I’ll be pulling for him.

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