2024 College Football Coaching Carousel


The so called P5 schools are starting to feel the pain too.

There are really only a very small few # of brands who control everything as long as money is the only factor (and it is now). There is going to be so much carnage in college football if things continue on their current path. A ton of programs that thought they had “made the cut” will be left by the wayside as well.


And, of course, Foster is also a former RB for the Carolina Panthers as well!.


Anything to get away from that Atlanta traffic!

He still lived in Columbia, SC…after 7 seasons, he stabilized the program, which was good, but this decision bothers more Panther fans due to timing than his actual leaving. That’s something we in 49er land understand…GSU was in the second day of spring practice…kinda a crappy move if you ask me.


That’s what I was thinking. Now the transfer portal opens for 30 days for that roster and they had already started Spring practice. I thought he did a good job there and don’t fault him if he’s tired of being a HC with the new rules. The timing though is awful.

The transfers are what worries Panther faithful now, having lost a lot already. I do think he became disillusioned by losing so many to P5 over the last couple of years. Team keeps getting gutted. You can be the best recruiter ever, but this turnover is killing the game. Spring practice has been postponed and I suspect a new HC to be named in a week or so…GSU can’t dilly-dally.

He did a good job, but I really find the timing to be unconscionable…do it in January, not now.

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Shawn Elliott is an excellent coach. He was my choice after Healey was canned. His recruiting for GSU was amazing given what he had to work with.