2024 College Football 🏈

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Per Dodd, some of the ex-Pac-12 officials will be working in the AAC.

Actually hasn’t been that long since UMass was an affiliate member of the MAC - in football!

That said, isn’t an attractive stadium but correct that it’s a picturesque setting in western Massachusetts.

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Looks like this whole Utah State affair could eventually end up in court. If so, expect more heads to role than just the football coach and deputy AD:

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OK State HC Mike Gundy showing himself to be a tone deaf POS in light of the auto accident that killed Hazel and his HS teammates that most likely involved a driver who was DUI. (And since the tragedy was reported by both national and international news outlets, Gundy can’t fien ignorance.)

If I understand him correctly, he’s saying that punishing his star player Ollie Gordon with an in season suspension would be punishing the entire team. Plus, since Gundy himself has driven drunk “a thousand times,” he’s basically shrugging off Gordon’s offense - as well as tacitly admitting that he himself has an alcohol problem.

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A pontificator is a person who pontificates, which means “to speak or write about something in a way that conveys a sense of certainty and authority.” A pontificator may also have strong opinions and feel compelled to share them. For example, someone might pontificate about the best way to raise children or the responsibilities of a good citizen.

With the new rules that have come about in college sports just in the last year or so, perhaps coaches like this one should stay out of the pontification business, stick to the administration of his team and keep his mouth shut.

Gotta love the " win at all costs mentality " that has over taken America. Accountability is a buzz word now with little meaning.

Gundys statement is just ignorance on so many levels.

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I wonder when we start seeing fines for conduct worked into NIL deals.

And does the NCAA not have a standard suspension policy if you are convicted or plead guilty to DUI?

Pretty sure the NFL does.