2024 Football Recruiting Thread

Looks like he has a strong arm. A lot of those throws appeared to be effortless.

I think anything is possible.

Including one of our QBs transferring out if they don’t think they will play.

You just never know.

I just hope they keep most of them and have good competition.

Both Freshman? Our commit is a 2024 commit. He’s going into his senior year.

Thank you! I got mixed up on the years.

There are 6 QBs on the roster. Two freshmen, one RS Freshman, one junior, one senior , and one sophomore.

Right. But don’t look at class by this spring. You have to look at it projecting next season. Next season you’ll have one true freshman, one redshirt freshman, one redshirt sophomore, one redshirt Junior (walk on), one redshirt Senior, and a grad student.

There is only one player who could burn a redshirt and that’s Carson Black. You need that many QBs on a roster to fill practice squad and game prep roles.

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Wanted to show some of the graphics and player responses we are getting from kids in this class.

These guys both have offers from us and are being pursued by ACC, Big 12, AAC, etc schools.

We are right there in the mix of where we want to be recruiting wise.


This is so smart. Love it. Long way from MS Paint.


We made the final 7 for 3 star WR jamari powell wonson from bmore. If you have twitter, go let him know how badly we want him here. I already see va tech, Maryland and even liberty fans tweeting at him.

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Another DMV kid. Poggi effect.

He is basically asking us to like that tweet above. Please do so.

Another 2024 Commitment


A recruit and commit from Germany! Poggi going international!

He’s thinking outside the box!!!

I had forgotten, but we also have the Michigan transfer, Julius Welschof, who is also from Germany. May be a connection developing there.

Another St Frances guy.

Long snapper.

Does that state a 5 star LS? I guess that is a thing.

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WR from Hickory Ridge. We are in his final 6 along with ECU, Maryland and others.

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