26th in the South and tied with Queens University?

Anyone know anything about how the rankings are established? I mean, App St is 11 and we’re 26 in the South?? With Winthrop right in there at 29??

Duke, Davidson rank high on magazine’s list

For the most part I can tell you that these rankings are crap. It has been revealed before that one of the factors that is entered into the formula for ranking
colleges is alumni giving, so how rich your alumni and their families are affects your schools ranking? My brother went to app and all in all I never saw it as any more inpressive than UNCC. I know app has a good business schools but cannot name any other department of prominence. UNCC has a heralded engineering program as well as most likely the best history department in the state and excellent education and architechture departments. I may be biased but members of my family have gone to App, Duke, UNC, UNCC, and NC state. Besides Duke I have not seen any of the state schools stand head and shoulders above another.