2nd Half of the Season

Projected to win 2 more games, both on the road. We might pull off the mild home upset against MTSU. That means we have to win UNT or Marshall at home to even hope to get bowl eligible.

…and C-USA only has 5 guaranteed bowl slots this year.

Did a spreadsheet for the next 5 weeks of the season. Had to make some judgement calls on a few games (aka who I think would win) but it really doesn’t change things much. My assumption is that Charlotte gets bowl eligible by winning MTSU (sub in Marshall if we lose next week), UTEP and ODU.

By Week 12 (two weeks from now, the 5 guaranteed bowl games for C-USA this year will be locked up by:

La. Tech.
So. Miss.

With three teams eliminated by that point (ODU, Rice, UTEP) that means the other 6 teams (including us) will be competing for 2 spots in non-guaranteed bowls (aka other conferences don’t have the teams to fill them). In the most likely scenario (for us) we are the 7th and last team to bowl qualify.

I most certainly am not Nostradamus, but I did get this week right.


There’s still 1 official C-USA bowl slot still open.

Thanks for doing this but I’m seriously lost… so do we need to win out to bowl now or is 6-6 going to get us one?

CUSA only has 5 bowl tie ins this year. We get to 6 next year with myrtle beach bowl.

The bowls get to choose, so it’s not out of the question, but likely they will pick the teams with the 5 best records in the league, especially considering a lot of them aren’t that close to us.

Many p5 conferences are down this year, so there are several conferences that won’t use all their slots. But we’re going to have to get lucky.

TLDR: we don’t have to win out, but it would help. We aren’t guaranteed a bowl at 6-6

Are there any educated guesses that could be made on which bowl we’d have the best chance to be invited to? In the past I thought bowl tie-ins would be dependent on conference standings (#3 CUSA vs #5 AAC). I’m not seeing that this year, it seems like its formatted the top choose first. My best guess would be the bahamas bowl?

If someone has the time listing the bowls that are CUSA backfills will help, then we can pull against the bubble teams in the conferences with the primary tie-ins.

I’d call it a total crap shoot to be honest. I don’t think there’s any rational way to think about which bowls ACC and PAC 12 won’t fill.

I felt all tingly typing that.

Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla vs. American Athletic
Bahamas Bowl vs. MAC
Gildan New Mexico Bowl vs. Mountain West
R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl vs. Sun Belt
SERVPRO First Responders Bowl vs. Big 12

Secondary Agreements
Walk-On’s Independence Bowl
Conditional if ACC or SEC can’t fill a spot.

DXL Frisco Bowl
Conditional if American Athletic or MAC can’t fill a spot.
OR Hawaii Bowl vs. BYU

Tonight WKU and So. Miss joined LA Tech, UAB, FAU, and Marshall in qualifying for a bowl game. That’s 6 in, 3 out, and 5 still in play.