49 game tapes

Does anyone here tape all the 49ers games that are shown on TV.
I live here in Australia and are unable to see any 49er games. Lefty49 was good enough to copy me some games last year (ECU,Cinncy,Syracuse …) and i managed to catch our home game against Cinncy last year on ESPN over here.

But I have’nt been able to see any games form this year and was wondering if anyone here would be able to make me some copies of the Alabam, davidson and Indiana games? And If anyone has any games from previous years.
I would pay you wotever you thought was fair $10 - $20 ?

Please let me know as i am a diehard 49ers fan down under and am doing me best to spread the word (at least 5 of my mates now wear 49ers shirt, supplied by me)

P:S If you have’nt already seen my Rodney White web site here it is:Rodney White web site
It’s pretty old but some good stuff in there

Just a suggestion, the Niners coaching staff has every game on tape. Call the coaches office and explain to them the situation, then ask if they would be willing to allow one of the managers to work with you. I know that the managers would be happy to earn some cash, the only concern is that the coaches may be spectacle of loaning tapes to strangers.

Good to see you posting on here Basden05. I can vouch for him being a die-hard fan living in Australia. We’ve got fans all over the world.

Hey Basden05,

I tape all the games that get played on TV - have all of this years (so far) and all from last year. Don’t really have any besides that. They’re not great quality, but they’re pretty good. I’ll get a list together of what I have and let you choose from that.

Does anybody else tape any Niners games? I’d love to get my hands on some tapes from '97 - '03 (especially vs. Cinci, Chapel Hill or at State).

the dingo ate your tapes.

Nah the crocodile man took my tapes then he gave them to the Kangaroo, haha.

Hey forDniner that would be great if you could get a little list together and email it to Charlotte_49er@hotmail.com, Cheers

It’s killing me not being able to watch any of this years games hey, although i did listen to the Yale and UCCS game at work, there’s a big time difference over here, the games were on just after lunch time.

Basden05, I know that coach Benny Moss is the one who reviews and puts together game tape for the team. E-mail the athletic office and see if you can’t get in touch with him. I’m sure he’ll do what he can.