49er Club questions

I belonged to the 49er club several years ago and when I moved one time I didn’t change my address and didn’t renew. I know that’s a bad excuse but I am getting ready to change that and join again.

My questions are: Does anyone know how much money the club raises per year now and how that compares to years past and has the number of members increased? (It seems I remember we use to raise about $500k.)

No one knows??? Is anyone on this board even a member?

[i]Originally posted by Zone9er[/i]@Feb 18 2005, 10:51 PM [b] No one knows???? Is anyone on this board even a member? [/b]
Many members on this board are also 49er Club members, myself included. You shuld probably contact Mike Hummer at 687-4951 to find the info you're looking for.

Surfing the web doesn’t hurt, either.

49er club webpage via Charlotte49ers.com