49er Club

My wife and I have been considering joining. We live in Winston-Salem so I doubt we will be buying season tickests.

Go Niners!!!

Yes, the parking pass alone is worth it.

we live in winston-salem… and my dad has season tickets - we attend almost every game - and do you live on hawthorne road? cause that’s a block over from where i used to live.

I lived on Country Club in my times at Winston. Was there for 2 years, and bought season tickets, joined the 49er club, and drove to most games (though the 9pm start time for the Thursday night Louisville game was tough!–but SOOOO worth it!)…

Join the 49er club. Its just the right thing to do :wink:

I’m fininshing up my MBA at High Point, so it has been difficult to make it to the games. We usually catch about 4 games per year, but hopefully we will be moving back to Charlotte soon.

Hawthorne refers to Hawthorne Hall which is where I lived while on campus. We currently live on Robinhood Road in W-S.

Hawthorne, I used to be a permanent resident of Winston and a part-time resident of Charlotte. Now I’m a permanent resident of Charlotte & part-time resident of Winston, so I feel like I’m justified in throwing in my 2 cents.

Yes. It is definitely worth joining the 49er club even if you live in Winston. We have lots of Forsyth County residents in the 49er Club. Many Niners drive down to our games from the Triad and the driving time is not that much greater than from many areas in Charlotte. For example, it only took an hour to get to the campus from Winston and it takes about 30 minutes for me to get to campus from my Charlotte home, so driving to the games from Winston does not take that much more time.

[i]Originally posted by Hawthorne_49er[/i]@Feb 6 2005, 12:39 AM [b] Hawthorne refers to Hawthorne Hall which is where I lived while on campus. We currently live on Robinhood Road in W-S. [/b]
oh .. ok

I’m living in High Point and having been driving back and forth to 90% of the games since 1982 as a season ticket holder and member of the 49er Club.


I throw my two cent in…I live in Winston off of Meadowlark and if you care about the U…which I know you do…you join. Plus its only 49 bucks. If you ever need a ride down get a hold of me or Hat, that is if you can stand my three little monsters cause we haven’t missed a game in three years. If you have kids get the family fun zone. You can get 4 season tickets for like 200 bucks.

JKniner, is that the Meadowlark in/around Lewisville where Meadowlark Elementary and Middle schools are at?