49er Football Week #4 Charlotte @ Florida 9/23 7:00 PM SECN+


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This should be treated as an exhibition game. Test out some different line ups and packages. Hopefully no one gets injured.

I thought we’d have a shot before the season in that, unfortunately no longer feel that way. These are two teams headed in opposite directions. We need a competitive performance in the worst way but Florida is light years better than Ga St.

I’ll be down there cheering us on regardless.


Florida #25 in the AP Poll.

And Maryland receiving votes. I know I am delusional, but I think we can hang in this game.


clt says maryland is a top 25 team, ga state is our only bad loss

I like our chances in this game

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I love how they love to place P5 teams into the Top 25 as quickly as humanly possible. I would bet if we were currently undefeated and went to Florida and won, we wouldn’t even have one vote for AP 25. Hell, we probably wouldn’t be in the top 100

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There was a tweet that there are 38 undefeated teams currently, but there are still I think 3 one loss SEC teams in the top 25.

I’ll give UF credit for starting the season at then #14 (now #11) Utah. Gators could have easily opened at home with a G5 or FCS foe as the majority of their SEC conference mates did in Week 1.

Anyway, Niners in the Swamp on Tom Petty Day!

Make it a fist fighting brawl in the swamp.


FLA down two OL and a TE for our game.

I doubt it’ll make a difference.

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Do like that TPATHB cover of the original Fleetwood Mac! Mike Campbell definitely channeling Peter Green! :guitar:

We were originally scheduled to play Indiana but canceled the game so Mr. & Mrs. Hill could have a homecoming trip to Gainesville. I think Indiana would have been a more winnable game than #25 Florida.

We are making 400k more I believe with Florida vs Indiana but you are right def a tougher match up.

I like the trade though.


Expect the worst…hope for the best. That’s all I can do. We have no control over the situation at this juncture/