49er New Year Dinner at Stadium


Only for students?

Do you still have UNC Charlotte ID?

[quote=“itsbraille49, post:3, topic:28078”]Do you still have UNC Charlotte ID?[/quote]Si.

I still have mine, works great for discounts at the movies and local restaurants.

I think that’s the intention. Found this, too (click on the event in the calendar) [font=Verdana][size=78%]http://unccdso.orgsync.com/org/weekofwelcome[/size][/font]

[/size][size=15px][font=inherit]49er New Year[/size][size=14px]Close[/size][size=15px][/color][color=rgb(102, 102, 102)]
[/size][size=12px]Organization:WOWDate:8/18/13Time:5:00pm-7:00pmCategory:GeneralLocation:Jerry Richardson Stadium
Come kick off the new school year with your 49er Family! This annual program will provide the opportunity to learn more about UNC Charlotte traditions and have some fun with fellow 49ers. At this event students can participate in the first UNC Charlotte group photo. Welcome to the UNC Charlotte Family and Go Niners! Dinner will be provided. Sponsord by Student Activities, New Student and Family Services, 49er Athletics, Resident Student Association, Housing and Residence Life, Campus Activities Board, and Chartwells, and Alumni Affairs[/size][size=15px][/font][/size]

Looks like anyone can go http://www.uncc.edu/spotlight/2013/spotlight-week-welcome-2013

While all WOW events are open to members of the campus community, we are particularly interested in seeing faculty, staff and their families at the 49er New Year. This event will be from 5:00 - 7:00 PM, Sunday, Aug. 18, at Jerry Richardson Stadium.

I still have mine, works great for discounts at the movies and local restaurants.

I did that as well for ~ 10 years…gotta find that ID… :wink:

I’m still not sure if this is for just students or not, but if anyone’s going, it’s been moved to the SAC on account of the rain.

I read the title thinking they were planning a New Year’s Eve bash at the stadium.

That could be fun, but they’d only open the gates at 11 PM :stuck_out_tongue: