49ers Flag

I’m looking for a 49ers banner/flag to hang in the restaurant i work at, Mama’s Pizza Express. I need one that will fill a space that’s about 3-4 feet vertical and 6 feet across. Any suggestions? I have found a few online but hoping I can find something better or bigger.


Gracias sir

Thanks for “carrying the flag”, so-to-speak, for NINER NATION! Which location are you so we can come in and represent/support? 8)

We are located next to Cookout in that plaza where Wing Zone, Smoothie King etc. are located. We are on the end closest to Cookout. Pick-up, Delivery and a few outdoor tables. We do pizza, pasta, subs and wings…oh and good desserts too!..Come check us out, it’s a work in progress and getting busier each week.

clt says if you don’t read this thread title carefully, you’ll think this is about clay aiken.

clt out.

Do you serve pizza by the slice???

Yeah we do up until 9:30pm. It ranges from $2.25 a slice up to like $5 for the stuffed pizza. Or the 2 slices of pepperoni and drink special for $6.85

Side note: As for the Niner flag…I hope to have it up before school starts but no later than Labor Day